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The Left wants the Lockdown to be forever

Ever since Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, Lenin, managed to have his coup against the Russian Republic in October 1917 facilitated and bankrolled by the German ruling class, the far left has had an interesting relationship with the state and big capital. This is especially true when the state is hostile to the interests of their own nation, and when the corporate donor wishes to hasten the destruction of the culture of that nation.

Communists of course idolise state power. It is the entire object of their ideology despite it being concealed by millenarian fantasies about the state “withering away” and life becoming “more joyous” in the words of Comrade Stalin as he was busy slaughtering millions of people to make them into nicer people.

Thus, it is no surprise really that the far left is reluctant, to say the least, to see the ending of all the restrictions that were enforced as a consequence of the Covid panic. We have one of our own communists, Paul Murphy TD, declaring that mask regulations should continue to be enforced no matter what alleged threat the virus represents.

For how long? Well, probably for ever would be how most totalitarian Marxists would prefer. After all, as we noted in a report on a Lockdown zoom held by the left here at the height of the panic, they were clearly not only greatly enjoying the vicarious thrill of being part of the state’s vastly expanded powers, but engaging in fantasies about how that might be used in the future.

During that webinar Sinn Féin TD Éoin Ó Broin welcomed the increase in state surveillance and control and speculated about how it might be retained in order to bring about other stuff on the leftist bucket list. Well, you can imagine what they might be judging from his party colleagues’ endless stream of consciousness press releases on everything from how people should keep themselves warm in winter, to how much to wager on the ponies.

This is all predicated on the notion that they – and I know some of them and, believe you me, you would check your phone if they told you what day it was – have somehow been gifted with a superior moral understanding that allows them to tell other people what to do. There’s the added bonus, if possible, of punishing them if they refuse to comply.

In the meantime, the Canadian comrades of our own corporate and state funded “fact checkers” and observers are busying themselves aiding the Trudeau government in undermining the civil liberties and private financial affairs of Canadian citizens.

This is one of the creatures who has been hacking the accounts of people who support the Canadian truckers’ protests.

This is what is known as doxxing and the objective is to normally just to get people sacked or perhaps beaten up. In this case where what is a clearly disturbed leftie is on the same side as the state it can also lead to people being arrested and having their bank accounts closed.

I would imagine that hacker Aubrey Cottle has a bit of a fan base here among similar types whose relationship with the state which pays their wages has morphed into a classic cut out operation whereby their activities can be presented as radical activism.

Which serves two purposes; the chief one to harass dissenters and the secondary one being to entice others into their web. You don’t teach lads in Marsham Street how to suck Irish eggs. They’ve been at it a while now.

Perhaps state worship is more to do with a personality type rather than the product of ideology? Ironically this was first posited by latter day Marxists including Theodor Adorno who was part of the Frankfurt School which attempted to find ways of replacing a disinterested white western proletariat with some other artificial carrier of the Marxist contagion in the 1950s.

Adorno attempted to posit a spurious correlation between post war political conservativism – which was a reaction to both Marxism and Nazism – and what he termed the Authoritarian Personality. He actually discovered in his old age that he was looking in the wrong direction as he became hoist on his own petard at the hands of German leftist students who made it their business in the later 1960s to harass him, force him to cancel his lectures – on the ground apparently that “If Adorno is left in peace, capitalism will never cease” – and perhaps hastened his untimely death from a heart attack in 1969.

Be careful of what you wish for. Personally, I tend to take the position of the czarist prisoner in Koestler’s Darkness At Noon who on hearing that his cell neighbour Rubashov, a former Bolshevik leader, has fallen foul of the regime, taps out “Bravo! The wolves devour each other.”

The problem with that, of course, is that first the wolves have to take power, by which stage mockery will come with a high price. Let the hopefully shortly to be consigned to the “dustbin of history” Covid lockdown then act as a sort of off-Broadway preview of what life would be like if that were ever to take place.

People who want to control as much of your life as they can are not your friends. This much we know.

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