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Why #BidenErasedWomen is trending on twitter

Women have reacted furiously to one of the very first executive orders from President Joe Biden which they say is part of a trend to “erase women” by insisting that there is no biological reality to being a woman and that gender is simply fluid. 

The hashtag #BidenErasedWomen has been trending since the inauguration.

One of Biden’s first actions in government was to sign an order pushing a radical trangender agenda in schools and in other areas, a move that author Abigail Shreir described as eviscerating women’s sports.

“On day 1, Biden unilaterally eviscerates women’s sports.  Any educational institution that receives federal funding must admit biologically-male athletes to women’s teams, women’s scholarships, etc,” she tweeted.  “A new glass ceiling was just placed over girls.”

The issue of allowing male-born athletes to compete against women and girls has been hotly contested, with World Rugby finding recently that it would not allow trans athletes to compete against women because of studies that show they enjoyed an “unfair advantage”, usually because of strength and speed.

Journalist Sonia Poulton  said “I get called TERF because I believe women have a right to our own sports, prisons, refuges & spaces and because I believe children should be protected from people who seek to sexualise them and to confuse them about who they are. Happy to stand for what I do. #BidenErasedWomen


The Women’s Liberation Front called on Biden to reverse the order saying he was “bypassing the legislative process to implement the most controversial provisions of the Equality Act—changing the definition of sex in federal anti-discrimination regulations so that female people are no longer a discrete class with protected status under the law”.

They said the “political consequences” of the order would compel domestic violence and homeless shelters to house men with women, and that it would lead to  “violent male offenders” being housed in women’s prisons.

The WLF also argued that girls’ sports would be “essentially eliminated”.

One commentator noted that Twitter was taking action to influence the discussion. Many women strenuously object to the label ciswoman being put on women by trans gender activists.



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