“We can have an abortion, but not a baptism”: Shrewsbury Cathedral tweet makes waves

People of faith have been reacting to a tweet by Shrewsbury Cathedral in Britain which spelled out what many practising Christians feel is unfair about the continued lockdown of churches even as most restrictions are lifted.

“We can have an abortion, but not a baptism

We can buy a car, but not a candle

We can go to a supermarket, but not a sanctuary

We can get divorced, but not married

We can break the rules, but not receive absolution

Let pray the churches will soon re-open”

The tweet had plenty of support:



And some opposition


This weekend, Cardinal Vincent Nichols, the Archbishop of Westminster and President of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, said it was time for the phased reopening of churches.

In his homily for Pentecost Sunday, Cardinal Vincent Nichols questioned why churches have not been allowed to open for private prayer, especially when car showrooms and outdoor markets can open on Monday 1 June and non-essential shops from 15 June.  He specifically asked why churches had been “excluded from this decision.

”The opening of churches, even if only for private prayer, helps nurture faith which is a “vital contribution to our common good” the Cardinal said. He added that faith is a “motivation for the selfless care of the sick and dying” and would help play a key role in the “rebuilding of our society.”

Addressing safety concerns, the Cardinal stressed: “We are confident that we can do so. We have developed expert guidance. We are ready to follow the Government’s guidelines as soon as they are finalised.”



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