Following an independent audit into political expenses two TDs and four senators have been forced to hand back almost €10,000 claimed during 2017.

Carried out by consultants at Mazars, the audit of the Public Representation Allowance paid to 22 TDs and senators found that the expenses in question could not be justified due to a lack of evidence.

It found that, of the total €71,622 claimed, €9,650.45 was ineligible. All six politicians concerned have repaid the monies to the Oireachtas after being unable to show documentation or receipts justifying the payments.

Two Fine Gael TDs, Maria Bailey and Alan Farrell, made unjustifiable claims amounting to €6,000, with Farrell claiming that the €4,214.79 he must pay back was claimed for work done in 2016, but invoiced in early 2017.

The politicians and amounts repaid are as follows: Alan Farrell TD – €4,214.79; Maria Bailey TD – €1,977.1; Senators Colette Kelleher – €245.85; Lynn Ruane – €978.81; Michelle Mulherin – €2,006.73; Jerry Buttimer – €227.16.

Of the six politicians, four are members of Fine Gael.