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Davos or Budapest?

While the simple folk of the World Economic Forum, whose founder wrote a book entitled The Great Reset, are gathering this week in Davos to mock at the very idea that there is a global Great Reset elite which believes that it ought to pretty much set the agenda for the entire planet, there was a modest alternative anti Davos in Budapest last week.

This was an event organised jointly by the American Conservative Political Action Conference and the Hungarian Centre for Fundamental Rights. The CPAC is influential within the Republican Party and the importance of the meeting was underlined by the speech given by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, and a video contribution from Donald Trump.

The organisers and particularly the Hungarians themselves clearly see the urgent need for a world wide response to the domination of the liberal left, and indeed the more extreme elements on the left who have succeeded in pushing their “intersectionality” snake oil into the mainstream as a replacement for the bankruptcy of any plausible project for economic socialism.

Orban referred to the need to take back the leading institutions of the west into responsible hands. To achieve that requires allies, hence the presence in Budapest of representatives of other European, American and Asian conservative formations. Among them was Tom Van Grieken of Vlaams Belang who said that likeminded parties need “to unite to protect the traditional European way of life, based on nations, families, faith and work.”

Meanwhile in Davos it would seem that the World Economic Forum is attempting to downplay its rep as the Appalachian conference of the global ruling elite. No Chairman Xi this time as in 2017 to extol the vision of WEF founder Klaus Schwab for a Fourth Industrial Revolution. Which all conspiracy theories aside is based around the highly dubious quackery of “transhumanism” with its obvious totalitarian implications, if not intent.

That the Covid lockdown encouraged this utopian, and some would argue dystopian, belief that humanity can be socially and even biologically engineered to become more productive and ‘better,’ is beyond question. One need only to look at the various strains of lunacy that were unleashed into public discourse here to realise that.

It is also true that this has an extreme counter point in a quackery that believes in elders and protocols and matrixes of one sort of another. They are a handy foil for those who would have us believe that any critique of where humanity is headed is the creation and preserve of basement dwelling internet conspiracy theorists.

Which is why they are determined to censor and exclude the voices of reason. Voices that echo not from some anonymous Telegram account but from within the corpus of over two millennia of the western tradition.

One of the echoes of that is in the current resistance on the part of those who reject the destructive ideology and practises of left liberalism, which as the relationship between corporate wealth and leftist political and NGO formations, and even the naked totalitarianism of the Chinese Communist Party, underlines is clearly the dominant world view. One that is unquestioned right across the political spectrum in Ireland.

Mary Harney once posed the dilemma: Brussels or Boston. Perhaps we ought to be now pondering Davos or Budapest?

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