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Women ‘kicked out of’ National Women’s Council AGM ‘for not believing men are women’.

The National Women’s Council of Ireland held their Annual General Meeting this morning. There will not have been many there as they do not have that many individual members, as we pointed out on a previous occasion.

They do have lots of corporate affiliates from the Abortion Rights Campaign to Sinn Féin and SIPTU so perhaps it was more like one of those old British Labour Party conferences where an elderly Communist would cast 750,000 votes on behalf of the Society of Aging Chimney Sweeps and Allied Trades.

Senator Sharon Keogan, who has recently had a less than savoury brush with the great and the good of the Irish left, was less than impressed and invited people to join her at the Spencer Hotel to make the case that, apart from their fellow appartchiks of the NGO and political left, the NWCI has a pretty tenuous claim to represent Irish women, and that, due to that, the state might perhaps consider defunding them.

The state continues to fund the NWCI of course even in spite of their recent alignment with the left opposition much to the chagrin of some members of the government parties who felt excluded from an anti-government protest they organised. After all, the NWCI are still “us” to the “youse” of those who do not have a life line to the state bursary.

A number of people accepted Senator Keogan’s invitation and although they were not invited in to listen to how the NWCI and the comrades are making their lives more enriched and fabulous, they do deserve to be celebrated. Sisters.






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