Virgin Media are the latest outlet to join in the virtue-signalling ahead of Euro 2020, after some English fans had the temerity to boo players for continuing to ‘take a knee’ before matches.

Virgin’s Irish commentators David McIntyre and Gerry Armstrong were quick to set the stage for England versus Romania by informing viewers how “disgraceful” it was that fans had booed players at the last match against Austria, only to be disappointed once again that the boos rang out around the Riverside as woke players continued to lecture their supposedly neanderthal fans about how racist many of them are.

Indeed Gerry Armstrong said he didn’t “understand” why people are so “negative” about being subject to the latest woke trend, in a combined attempt with McIntyre to coax Irish viewers into siding with the forces of pure goodness on the turf.

They failed to point out that at least two Romanian players refused to take the knee during the ritual, caught up as the commentators were in unknowingly promoting the quasi-Marxist, Black Lives Matter marketing ploy.

Of course everyone should be against racism, but don’t expect people to sit silently like sheep when the leftist establishment takes their opportunity to politely ram Critical Race Theory down the throats of millions watching.

Few people in the stands, on the pitch or at home might have grappled with the subtleties involved, but many of the fans know instinctively they are being browbeaten into accepting an imported narrative that the western world is a fundamentally, systemically racist place.

McIntyre and Armstrong, along with many fans who boo, probably aren’t aware of the expressed goals of BLM leaders, not least to upend the nuclear family, abolishing police and prison systems along the way, whilst activists burn, loot and assault anyone or anything standing in their way.

The players who think they are making a positive contribution are no more than useful idiots in a much bigger cultural agenda.

With managers, players and commentators failing to acknowledge this radical and wrongheaded agenda, instead doubling down on denouncing the knuckle-draggers who boo “the knee’, the gaslighting continues unabated.

The entire Croatia team refused to engage in this posturing during their latest game against Belgium, but we can expect much more of it during the upcoming Euro 2020 tournament.