Tubridy: The man who would be General de Gaulle.

Yes, he’s at it again. On Friday, our greatest public intellectual, (with apologies to Fintan of the Times and the existential Jedward brothers) Ryan Tubridy, decided to speak directly to the public about President Trump’s failure to condemn white supremacy.

Except, of course, Trump has done so.  After Charlottesville, he unequivocally condemned white supremacists, and continued to condemn racism. It is not credible that Tubridy or the rest of the Irish establishment knows this. It seems they are wilfully misleading then in their insistence in misrepresenting Trump as a racist.

His real faux pás in the eyes of the Dublin section of the Elect Biden campaign was to point out that the people who initiated the violence were members of far-left groups. He quite correctly placed Antifa and the minority of extremists who had turned up to protest against the removal of a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee in the same box. The vast majority of those opposing the removal of statues by the American version of the Khmer Rouge have nothing to do with white supremacists.

Of course all of this is of no interest to our national conscience General Tubs who spoke directly to Trump on this issue. Which would be a bit like you or I sending a tweet to Vladimir Putin. The sanctimonious pretensions of the Irish liberal is clearly only matched by its illusions of grandeur.
Tubridy has obviously assumed that he and his chums are some sort of opinion makers. Perhaps they are, which does not speak highly of us as a people, although there appears to have been some audience backlash to his cringe-worthy stentorian rebuke to POTUS. As if Trump didn’t have enough on his plate, what with the virus and all.

Of course this is not the first time our Cicero has proclaimed the truth, casting pearls before the cloth-eared peasants who do not know what is best for them.


Ordinarily this would be just another occasion of eye-rolling on my part. In a week, however, when the Pollyannas have been on a bit of hootenanny; on everything from euthanasia to one hurling “pundit” advocating violence against people not wearing masks to Irish social media ranters celebrating Trump contracting Covid, the irritation scale is tipping.


To compound that, the reporting of the daily figures on virus deaths on Saturday by taxpayer-funded RTÉ  was grossly misleading. Whether deliberate, or as a consequence of incompetence, who can tell, but most people tuning into the evening news headlines would have been under the impression that ten people had died of Covid in the previous 24 hours.

Keener eyes examining the full details, saw that in fact 8 of the deaths had occurred in August, or earlier. Coming in the wake of more or less official confirmation that deaths due at least in part to other causes are registered as Covid fatalities, it is small wonder increasing numbers of people are dubious about the spin being emanated during the whole thing.

Time for RTE to pull out the big guns. It has been a long time since we heard from Judge of Wanderly Wagon on issues of national importance. Maybe that’s really what we need now.

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