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“The last famine was not that long ago:  Danny Healy Rae says food security threatened by govt policy 

Kerry TD, Danny Healy Rae, says that Ireland is facing serious food security issues because of government policy encouraging farmers to cull cattle and leave land unfarmed.

The Rural Independents TD warned that ‘the last famine was not that long ago’.

“The Taoiseach Micheál Martin denied in October last year that the Government were trying to reduce the National Herd, it has now become clear that they are trying to reduce the National Herd by offering a Cow Scrappage Scheme and encouraging farmers to slaughter their cattle. They are also been enticed to let parts of their farms idle for five years through ECO Schemes – the big question is what is going to happen after the five years as these lands will be gone useless,” he said.

“Will the payment for the scrappage scheme be tax-free, as this money is to be drawn from Europe in the first place or will it be taxed as income for the farmers?” he asked.

“I am totally opposed to the Government’s idea of reducing production as farmers have worked hard for generations to build up their production to what they have now.”

“Of course Food Security is of paramount importance to everyone on this island and always has been – the last famine was not that long ago!”

“Are we opening up a gap in the market for the South Americans to fill and what will that actually mean to the so-called carbon footprint?” the Kerry TD asked.


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