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The cruelest cut: Was €20 million taken from disability and given to the FAI?

One of the last acts of this government was to make further cuts to the tune of €20 million for services to people people living with disabilities. Parents have pointed that in the same week €20 million was given to the FAI who have been the subject of so much controversy over financial mismanagement of taxpayer funding. 

Greg Craig of the ‘Don’t Leave Them Behind’ campaign said that the cuts would seriously impact on the lives of people with autism spectrum disorder and their families.

“Now thousands of ASD people will lose valuable learning opportunities along with having some special time with their friends, the provision of this support provided much needed respite for carers and families,” he said.

“Indeed such was the need for this respite service that applications far exceeded the budget each year and many people never got the opportunity to participate.”

And he pointed out: “The Irish Government are currently running a surplus on their annual budget and have significant funds available for this service, this funding must be restored straight away and in time for programmes to be put in place for June July and August.”

He urged voters to make this an election issue.

“Don’t Leave them Behind has started a campaign for  this savage and nasty cut to be reversed and are making representations to all relevant parties,” he said.

“As Ireland heads into an election this week, support our campaign  by demanding the full restoration of this respite service,  when you are canvassed for a vote from all parties.”


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