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The corruption of conscience brought us here

Parsing a non-story in Saturday’s Irish Independent tells us a sad and genuine story about the state of the conscience of our nation. But it needs parsing.

The paper reported on what was essentially a non-issue – they as good as said so, but still had to give us about 700 words – about the process of transferring the property of the Sisters of Charity to the State for the purposes of building Dublin’s new Maternity Hospital on the St. Vincent’s site on Merrion Road. Canon law requires that the Catholic Church’s highest authority, the Holy See, has to sign off on this before it is a done deal. But all seems agreed and no one seems to think that it will not go through. It is just a question of great bodies moving slowly.

The real story here of course is that of the sad departure of true servants of the Irish people – but God’s first – from health-care provision. It is a story of new penal laws for conscientious Irish Catholics. Just like our forefathers who would have been entitled to keep their property in the 18th century had they been prepared to abandon their religious principles, the Sisters of Charity would have had no problem remaining on the board of any hospital they liked had they been prepared to abandon their moral principles and acquiesce in the termination of the lives of children waiting to be born.

There is a second related story here. By reading between the lines of this report one gleans this other story. This is one which Irish establishment media refuses to tell because it undermines its own chosen narrative for the Irish people. That story is the account of how the new Progressivist Ascendency in Ireland has worked for decades to corrupt the consciences of the Irish people to the point where they no longer subscribe to the moral principles which have been the backbone of our culture and western civilization for close on two thousand years.

The story of the Sisters of Charity and St. Vincent’s Hospital today is that story in microcosm. No one bats an eyelid when they read now that these heroic people are being driven out of Irish healthcare because of their consciences. The Independent report blandly stated:

‘The religious order said that “in May 2017 the Religious Sisters of Charity issued a statement confirming that we were relinquishing all involvement and shareholding in St Vincent’s Hospital Group and would be stepping down from the St Vincent’s Healthcare Board”.

“Our two sister directors resigned from the board with immediate effect,” they said.

“Since then, they have no part in the ownership or management of the new hospital, nor have shares in the new entity being established to run the two hospitals on the St Vincent’s site.”’

The overriding truth is that neither our State nor our media want the Irish people to reflect on anything that might trouble their consciences. On the contrary, they want – and have been actively promoting for decades – to remove all remnants of Christian belief and values from the consciousness of the nation. They are seeking to replace it with the egregious and baseless moral principles of what is now bizarrely called “progressivism” – although it has nothing to do with genuine human progress. It is as progressive as Communism was and is.

The grip of progressivism on the minds and hearts of the majority of the Irish people is now frightening. As a result our State – encouraged, cowed and then applauded by Irish and Western liberal media – has put on our statute books one set of flawed laws after another. More are in preparation. Any opposition, parliamentary or otherwise, is negligible because of the dumbing down of the moral sense of the people – while shameful scandals have been outrageously manipulated to undermine the authority of the only agency in the culture which still proclaims the perennial moral value of the principles which have sustained our civilization for millennia. Those who dare to protest the new status quo of politically correct morality are branded populists – or worse.

It took the Irish of another time over 100 years to break free of the draconian laws which had excluded them from public life by a Protestant Ascendency. At the heart of the act of exclusion was the conviction that because Catholics believed that the Pope was the Vicar of Christ they could not be trusted. The new Progressivist Ascendancy in Ireland today now excludes from healthcare provision anyone who believes that human life begins at conception and that the child awaiting birth in its mother’s womb has as much right to life as any of us.

Most false political doctrines and their enabling unjust regimes have within them the seeds of their own undoing. This one surely has, with all its false manipulative language and bizarre versions of what is the essence of human nature. But unravelling takes time – this time, we hope, not too much time.

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