TD Michael Collins slams decision to relocate “violent disorderly asylum seekers” to Clonakilty

The decision made yesterday to relocate some of the twenty men who were involved in a serious public order incident at a migrant centre at a Killarney Hotel last Sunday to Clonakilty, has been described by Deputy Michael Collins as being “totally wrong” due to the danger it poses to the people of West Cork.

Speaking from his West Cork Constituency,  Deputy Collins said,

“it is obvious due to the seriousness of the crimes committed in Killarney over the weekend where many lives were in danger and due to shocking behavioural issues in Killarney, that these Georgian and Algerian men should not be relocated anywhere in Ireland this is simply the state kicking the can down the road  and putting other people’s lives in danger.

Reading from reports which came from the Courts yesterday the Irish authorities have no documentation or know nothing about the history of many of these men, who were involved in the serious incidents over the weekend in Killarney.

It was openly stated in Court that in one of the cases Gardai admitted that they had no documentation on one of the main suspect, but that the French authorities would have, as all asylum seekers have to have documentation before entering France which this suspect did.

Conditions have been put on these suspects before sending them to the asylum centre in Clonakilty,  but this is an outrageous decision by the state to move highly dangerous people from one area to another when they know many could well be involved in serious crimes.

I have contacted Minister Gorman yesterday evening and asked him to immediately adopt a strict policy that all asylum breaking serious laws in our state, must face deportation not relocation in Ireland, so that we can protect our people from this kind of serious law and order breakdown.


“Clonakilty is a growing town with people from all over the world living here, but all living peacefully,” the TD said.

“My fear is that this will not continue if decisions are made to relocate people involved in serious crimes to West Cork and is a decision I completely oppose”.


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