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WATCH: “If I don’t steal your house, someone else will” – Israeli settler

Palestinian woman confronts Israeli settler who took her family home.

A Jewish settler in the East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah has told the Palestinian owner of the home he intends to occupy that “if I don’t steal your house, someone else will”.

The footage of 22-year-old Palestinian woman Mona al-Kurd confronting the settler, whom she calls Jacob, in her former garden has since went viral.

“Jacob, you know that this is not your home,” she insists.

The man, who has an American accent, replies: “Yes, but if I go, you don’t go back, so what’s the problem? Why are you yelling at me?”

“You are stealing my house!,” al-Kurd retorts.

“If I don’t steal it, someone else will steal it,” Jacob answers. “So why are you yelling at me?”

“No one is allowed to steal my home!” al-Kurd responds.

Jacob then says in Hebrew: “This is not mine in order to return it.”

Scores of Palestinian families have been forcibly evicted from their homes in East Jerusalem by Israeli authorities, with many Americans replacing the owners. reports that half of the al-Kurd family home has been occupied since 2009.

Her twin brother Mohammed had told Al Jazeera that sharing the home “with squatters with Brooklyn accents” was “insufferable”.

“They are just sitting in our home, tormenting us, harassing us, doing everything they can to not only force us to leave the second half of our home but also harassing our neighbours into leaving their homes as part of an effort to completely annihilate the presence of Palestinians from Jerusalem,” Mohammed said in 2009.

Israeli courts have been at the forefront of enforcing evictions among Palestinians in Israel, as part of a wider resettlement programme that has been criticised by international human rights groups.

Michael Lynk, the UN Special Rapporteur to Palestine, pointed out that while “Israeli settlements continue to devour the land that is meant for the independent Palestinian State, the international community observes, it sometimes objects, but it does not act”.

Since 1979, the UN Security Council has said on at least six occasions that the Israeli settlements are a “flagrant violation under international law” and have “no legal validity”, according to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

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