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Slovenia’s top court rejects compulsory vaccination for public sector employees

Slovenia’s highest court has ruled as unconstitutional a regulation which would make vaccination compulsory for public sector employees, unless they had a Covid recovery cert.

The country’s government had sought to impose the mandate from October, but the Slovenian Constitutional Court had blocked the regulation pending a final ruling from its judges after a case was taken by a group of state administration employees.

The court ruled that a recovered-vaccinated mandate would be comparable to imposing mandatory vaccination as a condition for certain jobs or professions, and decided that such conditions could not be imposed by government decree but required a change to the communicable diseases act. 

As such, the court did not rule on whether the law, if it had been imposed based on the appropriate act, would be constitutionally acceptable.

“Such a condition is comparable with obligatory vaccination, which is something that first requires a change in the law on infectious diseases,” the court said, according to the national STA news agency

Some European countries have moved to introduce mandatory vaccines for all such as Austria, threatening those without vaccines with administrative fines, which can be converted into a prison sentence.

Slovenia has seen significant protests against vaccine passes in recent months. 

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