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Rural Independents demand uncapped 100 percent Mica Redress scheme 

The Rural Independents have accused the government of causing “months of torture, delay, confusion, and kite flying” in relation to the Mica Redress scheme. 

“Leaked reports of a Mica redress scheme which would cap rebuild costs at €138 per square foot, with an overall cap of €420,000 per home, is despicable and utterly insufficient,” the Rural Independent Group said.

Speaking from his Tipperary constituency this evening (29 November), the Leader of the Rural Independents, Deputy Mattie Mc Grath stated:

“The government’s sneaky delay tactics are heartless and cruel. Impacted homeowners are being further tormented by the government’s failure to adequately deliver a robust, practical and fair scheme.”

“The banks were bailed out in 2008, at an overall cost of €64 billion. Instigated by the then government and with record urgency. Michael Martin and Eamon Ryan were Ministers in that government and agreed to signing the blank cheque, which was not capped.”

“Today, over a decade on, the government refuse to bail out ordinary homeowners in any similar way. This is despite knowing about the Mica issue for years and the overall costs being a fraction of the bank bailout. No banker ever had to protest or demonstrate in 2008, because they had unique access and capture over those in power.”

“The Mica crisis, as with the banking collapse, was caused by dismal government regulatory oversight. Despite this, the government have failed to fully fund a 100 percent Mica redress scheme. Instead, it is all about caps and conditions of one kind or another, forcing impacted homeowners to jump through hoops.”

“The government’s lack of action now means homeowners are forced to bring their case to the European Parliament’s petitions committee tomorrow. Where is the justice in all this? How can this government be so heartless.?”

“My colleagues and I are today calling on the government to immediately publish an uncapped 100 percent redress scheme. Impacted homeowners can wait no longer. Any notion of a cap on the criteria of this scheme is unfair.”

“For instance, with government driving up prices through the carbon tax, building materials and building costs are at record highs and projected to rise further. As such, a cap of €138 per square foot is ludicrous. It is unacceptable.”

“A 100 per cent scheme must be published and open to applications from any impacted homeowner forthwith. Equally, the government must follow through with a levy on the banks and insurance companies who are being indirectly bailed-out through this scheme. The quarry operators must also be held accountable.”

“The government’s handling of this entire issue has been deplorable. It has forced families, especially in Donegal, Sligo, Mayo and Limerick to live in despair and anguish every-single-day,” concluded Deputy Mc Grath.

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