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Reality of climate change is your mother being gang raped: Extinction Rebellion co-founder

Climate Change will lead to your mother being gang raped: Extinction Rebellion co-founder

Roger Hallam, one of the co-founders of Extinction Rebellion has said that “the reality of climate change” is that “your mother, your girlfriend, your sister” will be gang raped “on the kitchen table” by roving bands of young men who will “break into your house demanding food.” Hallam says these men will “force you to watch” whilst “laughing at you.”

Hallam made the comments in a document, titled “Advice to Young People, as you Face Annihilation,” which he wrote in 2019. The document was aimed at young people particularly, and Hallam says that what he is telling these children is the truth “they’re not going to tell you at school.”

Hallam argues that climate change will cause total societal collapse and that “those in denial will experience massive social and mental distress, suicides will soar and mental breakdown will become the norm.” This, he says, will lead people to “take matters into their own hands as food runs out.” Hungry people, according to Hallam, “will break into stores and into houses and take what they can and kill those that stand in their way.”

Hallam goes on to say that, after they finish with your mother, sister, or girlfriend, the boys will “accuse you of enjoying it” before taking a lit cigarette to “burn your eyes out”, blinding you permanently.

Hallam says that “climate change is not about polar bears, ice melting, sea level rises and saving the planet…what it’s about is mental collapse, the loss of all of your dreams and being dragged off to be slaughtered in war.” It is, he says, “about being brutalised, it’s about rape, and slow starvation, ending in early death for the thousands of millions of young people around the world today.” Hallem tells the children that “if you don’t feel the terror and horror of what is to come, then you soon will, and they will the rage, the hatred, and then despair.”

Hallam says that young people are not being told about this, because “the middle class people who run the climate change world” are “trying to protect themselves.”

Given the extreme nature of the claims in the document, and that Hallam wrote the document particular for young people, one would expect that there would be questions about the legitimacy of the document. However, Extinction Rebellion have admitted that Hallam is the author. Extinction Rebellion UK uploaded a video recording of Hallam, giving a lecture which he says is based on the content of this document, in June of this year. The description of that video directs viewers to Hallam’s original document. In the video Hallam says that it is directed particularly at young people.

The document, as linked to by Extinction Rebellion, has had its access restricted so that copies of the document cannot be saved and the text cannot be copied, but it is still fully readable and publicly available through XR’s official social media channels.

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