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Poll: Only 17% of Irish people support current gender change law

A new RedC poll, commissioned by the feminist group The Countess, has shown that only 17% of Irish people support Ireland’s current gender change laws and believe that people should be able to legally change their sex on their birth certificate “as soon as they self-identify as or believe that they are a member of the opposite sex.”

Overall, 51% of those polled said that there should be some legal right to amend the sex on your birth certificate, but the majority of that 51% said if should only be allowed for those who have “fully transitioned through hormones and full gender reassignment surgery.”

28% of people say there should be no legal right to amend the sex on a birth cert, and only 16% of people believe that sex offenders should have any legal right to change their gender at all.

Under the Gender Recognition Act of 2015 everyone over the age of 18 has the right to apply for a Gender Recognition Certificate. All that is required in Ireland for a person to be granted such a certification is a declaration that they wish to life their lives as a particular gender, no sign off from a doctor is required and a person does not have to have taken hormones or undergone gender reassignment surgery.

Once a person has been granted a Gender Recognition Certificate, they have the right to apply to have their birth certificate, and other documents, amended to reflect their new gender, again without requiring a person to have taken hormones or undergone surgery.

The poll also showed that: only 21% of Irish people believe trans-women should be allowed to compete in women’s sports; 62% of Irish people believe that toilets in public buildings should have to be single sex rather than gender neutral; 47% of Irish people believe children should be taught there are “many different genders outside of the traditional male/female; and 40% believe children should be taught “it is possible to change your sex.”

The full poll can be seen HERE.

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