Orban says EU “Shot Itself in the Foot” over Russian Sanctions, Calls for Vote

‘Europe’s people were not asked’

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has blasted European sanctions against Russia saying they have “backfired”. 

Reuters reports Orban urging “a ceasefire to end the war” adding that “the sanctions against Russia were dealing a blow to Europe’s economy.”

MSN reports the prime minister, now in his fourth term in office, saying, “​​The sanctions were not decided democratically, but were decided by Brussels bureaucrats and European elites”. 

“Although Europe’s citizens are paying the price, they were not asked,” he said. 

Orban said Hungary will be “the first in Europe to ask people about the sanctions on Russia,” as part of a “national consultation”.  

Details of when the vote will take place remain to be announced and, according to reports,  will have “no legally binding consequences”. 

Orban successfully avoided having Hungary participate in the EU’s Russian oil embargo after “26 days obstructing the proposed ban”, according to Politico

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