Nothing but the best: You paid ten grand for Michael Lowry’s website

You’ll have heard by now about David Norris spending €70,000 on his website, a story so delicious that even his relatively good friends at the Irish Times are raising an eyebrow about it. I must confess I eagerly logged on to this morning to marvel at what that kind of money can buy, and, I’m sad to report, I’m very disappointed. Highly average stuff, for seventy grand. Seriously – he could have had a brand spanking new E-Class Mercedes for that much, although I suppose he’d have to pay that much again annually just to park one in Dublin these days.

Anyway, with all this attention on Senator Norris, hardly anyone has noticed the much more modest, but still eyebrow-raising, cost of Michael Lowry’s state-of-the-art website. A cool ten thousand euro is what he paid for it last year alone, according to the Standards in Public Office Commission.

There are two obvious explanations here: The first is that a rural TD like Lowry with no technology background worth speaking of doesn’t know much about techology and got duped by some lazy web developer who told him that a basic website like that one would cost him €10,000 a year. The second explanation is more cynical, and not one of you fine people would stoop so low as to even think it. But then again, when talking about Mr. Lowry, we must remember he is a convicted criminal.

Anyway, it’s nice work if you can get it, building websites for Irish politicians. I must get into it myself – after all, an amateur could probably come up with something as good as Lowry’s ten grand site.



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