New York Times columnist Paul Krugman says his IP address was ‘compromised’ and used to download child pornography.

The New York Times commentator, and Nobel Prize winning economist, Paul Krugman has claimed on Twitter that “’I’m on the phone with my computer security service, and as I understand it someone compromised my IP address and is using it to download child pornography”.



He followed on by saying that this may have been a random attack or an attempt to ‘Qanon him’. Qanon refers to a conspiracy theory that claims that there is a plot to destroy President Trump amongst the ‘deepstate’ and also that there is a widespread paedophile network amongst American political, business, and cultural elites. These latter claims were moved into the mainstream by the arrest and subsequent death of Jeffrey Epstein.

Krugman’s tweet was met with a combination of confusion, mockery, people telling him that that’s not how IP addresses work, lawyers saying he should really not be publicly tweeting anything linking himself to the downloading of child pornography, and people claiming that he had either fallen for a scam or would shortly be explaining this situation to the police.

Krugman famously said that the internet would have no more impact on the world than a fax machine; this is probably not how he expected to be proven wrong about that.

No word yet on why Krugman decided to tweet out that his computer may have been used to download child pornography instead of talking to a solicitor or the police but maybe he’s just a boomer who feel for a scam.


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