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‘Lock everything down to avoid a lockdown?’

With an announcement from Nphet expected, the response on social media to a call from the ‘Zero Covid’ group to close pretty much everything was furious.

‘Close pubs and restaurants and ban non-essential travel now to avoid lockdown’ was the demand from ISAG

As commentator Robert Burke said on Twitter, they wanted a ‘lockdown to avoid a lockdown’.

“Full lockdown back on the cards in one of the most vaccinated countries on earth. Advisers who brought us here are unaccountable and treated as infallible, political leaders under no pressure from a compliant media, opposition might as well be in Government. Ireland inc in all its glory,” Burke said.

Journalist Karl Deeter said that ISAG should have been asked about the previous “dire warnings” they had gotten wrong.

“I’m surprised that Ed Moloney didn’t ask about the same groups typically dire (and wrong) warnings such as 60,000 deaths earlier in the year. A job in a university seems to ameliorate the need for an accurate back catalogue of forecasts. ISAG= inaccurate science advice group,” he said on Twitter.

But Nphet then advised the government last night to close restaurants and hospitality at 5pm.

Plenty of commentators pointed out that hospitalisations figures were falling, not rising.

Journalist John Meagher noted that “the hospitalisation figures are the lowest in two months and case numbers far lower than NPHET’s most ‘optimistic’ modelling for December”.

The hospitality industry is in despair at this point, with restaurants already seeing cancellations at what should be their busiest time.

Kerry restaurateur, Paul Treyvaud, accused Npeht of getting predictions seriously wrong previously.

As Treyvaud also pointed out, the legacy media aren’t that anxious to criticize – and funding might be one reason for that decision.


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