“Like Dallas and Bobby Ewing we are told Covid Guidelines Were all a Dream”: Tóibín

Responding to the latest defence by Leo Varadkar to the Zappone Gig, Aontú leader Peadar Tóibín said that Ireland had “entered the twilight zone” and that “like Dallas and Bobby Ewing we are being told Covid guidelines were all a dream.”

“Ireland has entered the twilight zone in relation to what was the law for large social events. It is very clear that everyone from Ministers to the Hospitality sector to newlyweds to families organising funerals, to families with children for Holy Communion and confirmation, that guidelines prohibited organised social events of up to 200 people,” the Meath West TD said. “The Fáilte Ireland guidelines stated that in black and white. The Hospitality sector, who were in daily negotiations with the state, clearly understood the rules as such. The application of the law as understood by everyone clearly prohibited events such as the Zappone Gig. For why else, up to yesterday, were a couple of dozen family members told that they could not gather in a back garden for a Communion or a Confirmation celebration.”

“But now like Dallas and Bobby Ewing we are being told that it was all a dream,” hesaid. “For the government to preside over a guideline that was obviously as clear as mud, which materially, financially and socially negatively affected hundreds of thousands of families, workers and business owners while they secretly knew otherwise and clearly behaved otherwise is deceptive and deceitful. In practice it is one law for the government and one law for everyone else. In practice it is the same as Golfgate”.

“Its shoddy governance at best and is misleading, dishonest and hypocritical at worst,” Deputy Tóibín continued. “The Tánaiste has form here. Leo got Jesuitical about the leaking of a confidential negotiation document to a friend. The excuses for the process of selection of a party colleague to the Supreme Court followed a similar path. Yet ironically  Leo is investigating a leak from cabinet about the gifting of a job to Katherine Zappone. And yet Leo Varadkar was front and centre in calling for the resignations of Hogan and Calleary.”

“This chaos and dysfunction at the heart of government is being facilitated by Fianna Fáil and the Greens who are in a state of political paralysis. It will continue if no one is willing to stand up and hold their colleagues to account. If Leo survives it will be thanks to the inaction of Fianna Fáil and the Greens but the government will have suffered another devastating blow to their credibility”.

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