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Irish media curiously disinterested in report showing Trump/Russia collusion claim was a lie from beginning 

The false claim that Donald Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election was given a lot of airtime in the Irish media.

This headline from RTÉ, for example, leaves no room for doubt, and the interview the national broadcaster aired at the time asserted as fact that Russia had helped Trump win the white house, based on the now-discredited Steele dossier.


Plenty of similar headings and claims in the Irish media establishment sought to make the ‘Russian collusion’ claim into a fact.

As the newly-released Durham report shows it was politically-motivated bullshit from the start.

The findings have been described as a “damning indictment” of some of the United States’ leading institutions.

Durham found that the FBI investigation should never have even taken place because the evidence was so slim – there was “no actual evidence”, his investigation found.

He slams the FBI’s “serious lack of analytic rigor” and its “cavalier attitude” and failure to uphold their obligation of “strict fidelity to the law.”

“…We conclude that the Department and the FBI failed to uphold their important mission of strict fidelity to the law in connection with certain events and activities described in this report,” the Special Counsel wrote.

For anyone who has the time, the report is well worth a read.


Not only does it completely refute the allegations against the Trump campaign, but implies that any subversive links to the Putin government and its intelligence services were on the other side.

The other side being that of the Democratic Party and the failed campaign by Hilary Clinton to destroy Trump.

Furthermore, the Durham report states, the Democratic Party links were not only not investigated by the FBI, but that they themselves employed persons who were possibly compromised by connections to Putin.

The attempt to cripple and overthrow the Trump administration continued throughout his term of office and contributed to weakening his campaign to be re-elected in 2020.

“Russiagate” was just one part of that which also included the unleashing of Antifa and Black Lives Matters looters and rioters in the summer of that year. These all miraculously ceased once Biden was deemed to be elected.

In another era, the Durham report might have led to a subsequent exposure of the links between the liberal left within the Democratic Party, communist subversion and Russian intelligence. That was the consequence of the court room confrontation of Whittaker Chambers and the Communist spy and Democrat government official Alger Hiss between 1948 and 1950 which revealed the links between similar elements.

It might also have refocused attention on other dubious aspects of the Obamas/Clintons and their successor Joe Biden. Not least of these are the allegations surrounding Biden’s own connections with Russia, China and Ukraine and the fact that there has been a clear and to date successful attempt to prevent a full investigation into Biden’s son Hunter and the information contained on his laptop.

We, however, live in an era where our own national broadcaster in common with the international mainstream media published a syndicated report on the Durham findings that referred to Trump planning to use his exoneration as election “fodder.”

There was barely a mention of the fact that their heroes on the other side stink to high heaven.  If the leading actors on that side are not traitors, they were certainly willing to employ those who were, it seems.


The Durham report pulls no punches and begins with the statement that “Our findings and conclusions regarding these and related questions are sobering.”

The main conclusion being that the FBI had initiated a baseless and politically motivated investigation to discredit and destroy the Trump election campaign and subsequently the administration of an elected President of the United States.  No more, and no less.

The reason for that sobering conclusion was that “…neither U.S. law enforcement nor the Intelligence Community appears to have possessed any actual evidence of collusion in their holdings at the commencement of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation.”

The motivations of the Democrats, who were still in power at the time it needs to be recalled, are apparent.

Their use of the Federal Bureau of Investigation was not only politically motivated but was facilitated at a high level by key officers of the FBI; including Deputy Assistant Director for Counterintelligence, Peter Strzok  who was described as someone who “at a minimum, had pronounced hostile feelings toward Trump.”

Like Hiss, Strzok who was dismissed from his position in the FBI is now a hero of the Left and, following an interlude at CNN, now lectures at Georgetown.

FBI attorney Kevin Clinesmith was revealed to have manufactured emails to enable the feds to get permission for wire taps and was convicted of “intentionally falsifying a document.”

Although found guilty he was spared a prison sentence on the basis of his having “suffered enough.”  Small price to pay for attempting to subvert an election, and then an elected President.

In his Granny’s some might say …


FBI records prepared by Strzok in February and March 2017 show that at the time of the opening of Crossfire Hurricane, the FBI had no information in its holdings indicating that at any time during the campaign anyone in the Trump campaign had been in contact with any Russian intelligence officials.


Some of the charges against the FBI – and they will remain so because there will be no criminal prosecutions taken against either the agency or their political masters including the holdovers from the Obama/Clinton/Biden period – are truly staggering.

Ponder this for example: “(T)he FBI elected to end an investigation after one of its longtime and valuable CHSs (Confidential Human Source) went beyond what was authorized and made an improper and possibly illegal financial contribution to the Clinton campaign on behalf of a foreign entity as a precursor to a much larger donation being contemplated.”

And more to the point, the key source for the Steele Dossier and all of the investigations that ensued was one Igor Danchenko, another FBI informer, who the Report strongly implies may himself also have been a Russian intelligence asset, but that “…it appears the FBI never gave appropriate consideration to the possibility that the intelligence Danchenko was providing to Steele -which, again, according to Danchenko himself, made up a significant majority of the information in the Steele Dossier reports – was, in whole or in part, Russian disinformation.”

‘Russia case’ against Trump was a shocking conspiracy that continues today (nypost.com)

Think on that for one moment.  Not only were Trump and his campaign staff – who were targeted by investigators innocent – of any subversive contacts with Putin’s spooks, but the sources of the investigation were themselves very possibly in the case of Danchenko, agents of Putin.

Not only that, but this sinister connection extended beyond Danchenko to key Democrat activists. Member of the Democratic National Committee Charles Dolan, the report reveals, had Russian business interests and was friendly with Dimitry Peskov who was Putin’s Press Secretary.

Dolan also admitted to fabricating evidence against one of the targets of the Mueller investigation. Paul Manafort, who was forced to resign as Trump’s election campaign manager.

The Report begins on a sober note and ends with a sober if not chilling reprise. Much has been said of the need to turn the light of enquiry onto the Feds themselves, but Durham appears to see little point in that given how the agency is currently managed and used on behalf of the Democratic Party.


The promulgation of additional rules and regulations to be learned in yet more training sessions would likely prove to be a fruitless exercise if the FBI’s guiding principles of “Fidelity, Bravery and Integrity” are not engrained in the hearts and minds of those sworn to meet the FBI’ s mission of “Protect[ing] the American People and Uphold[ing] the Constitution of the United States.”


Some of the key questions to be asked in the aftermath of all of this are:

Would Trump have won a decisive victory in November 2020 had this report been published as it could well have been prior to polling day?

Why were the Democrats so determined to destroy Trump? Both before he was elected, for the four years of his term, and have not relented in that objective ever since?

And finally, what impact would a Trump victory have had on the likelihood of Russia invading Ukraine, given that if any side was compromised by Putin’s agents it was the party currently in power.

Meanwhile, it was revealed yesterday that Durham has indicated that he is willing to appear before Congress to testify on his report into the FBI conduct of the investigation.  As the primaries for the 2024 Presidential election approach, perhaps all of this is taking place at the right time.  Filleann an feall ar an bhfeallaire…

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