Immigrant Council founder brought man arrested in human trafficking operation to Ireland on work visa

Last week, we treated you  to a taste of one of the many conferences and workshops which you pay for in order for others to tell you to buck up your ideas.

Specifically, groups like the Immigrant Council of Ireland are worried that you aren’t woke enough to the level of diversity they think necessary. So be damned grateful that they are taking the time to inform you.

Now the Immigrant Council is in the news again, but this time not in a way that suits their narrative.  Mark Tighe, reporting in the Sunday Times, informed readers that an Eritrean chap who has the run of a plush mews in Foxrock was collared by the PSNI in the process of ferrying two alleged illegal immigrants, also from Eritrea, across the border.

The two had been among 102 persons who had flown into Dublin between November 29 and February 13 from Addis Ababa. They were refused entry, but as a demonstration of the farce that it is Irish immigration control, just 21 were sent back, and 81 were allowed apply for International Protection – a process that virtually guarantees, in this country, that an illegal entrant will probably never be deported.

Not only that, but many of those allowed in did not even bother reporting for a hearing, and it was the discovery that some had subsequently entered Britain that led to the investigation that ended with the PSNI arrests.

And who was this chap, you ask? Well, interestingly enough he came to Ireland in 2015 through the good offices of one Chantal McCabe the wealthy philanthropist who helped to found the Immigrant Council in 2001. Not only that, but she made representations on his behalf to get him a highly coveted visa on the basis that he was an “essential worker” in Information Technology and would be working for her in that capacity.

He did work for McCabe as a personal driver in his own country, and somehow managed to get a taxi licence in this country at a time when it is not only difficult to do so, but there are hardly a shortage of taxi drivers and when many drivers are finding it almost impossible to survive.

Questions need to be asked about this – including around the role of NGOs in making representations on behalf of people to be granted visas based on work criteria. We have put those questions to the Department of Justice. We have also requested a response from Government agencies who fund the Immigrant Council, and whether they intend to review that funding pending a fuller investigation of this matter.

In 2019, the Immigrant Council had an income of over €1 million and that is mostly used to employ 14 members of staff. Among the agencies which channel your money to the Immigrant Council and other racial activists are the Departments of Housing, Justice and Pobal. Others include Dublin City Council, Fingal County Council and the Citizens Information agency.

You may also be pleased to know that you are a fellow donor in the good company of the EU Commission and the Tomar Trust which disperses money from wealthy people who obviously do not think that they are doing enough harm as it is. Unlike you, however, they were asked to give at the office. You have no say in the matter.

No one is alleging that McCabe had any knowledge of anything that was happening and was anything other than “flabbergasted” about all of this beastliness. Nor that Eritrea and that region in general are terrible places following years of barbarity under different varieties of socialists aided by Cuban state mercenaries and Stasi torturers. The likelihood of any of their victims or potential victims being allowed onto an Ethiopian Airlines plane in Addis Ababa are about as likely that my chubby Yorkie will win the greyhound derby.

And why are these flights still coming in here anyway during a lockdown? Gript is looking into the evidence around this, and presumably some flights on the radar were among those carrying the illegal immigrants – many of whom have since vanished through the network that may include McCabe’s guest in Foxrock.

At a time when the people of this country, including genuinely essential workers and the small number of actual people fleeing totalitarianism and Islamism are under enormous strain, it is high time all of this bullcrap is called out, to borrow a phrase much beloved of the Care Bears.

At the very least we ought not to be subject to endless state-funded NGO and media harangues regarding how we are somehow being improved by all this. Especially when the sources are organisations that clearly have plenty of questions and introspection to subject themselves to.

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