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Easter: Christ breaks death’s lockdown to give eternal life

Has there ever been a time like this, when we are told to be so health conscious that we must postpone living?

Many in western society have turned their back on religion over the past number of decades, instead embracing various other worldviews that often don’t involve absolute truths or reflections on what happens after death.

Most of us seem to distract ourselves from any prolonged study of what philosophers and theologians have written on the matter, preferring the distractions of screens and money to any serious consideration of where we are going after death, or who God might be.

We generally live fast and die slow, focusing intently on the health of our bodies so as to prolong whatever time we have here below.

The mainstream reaction to Covid-19, creating unprecedented restrictions on entire populations, has demonstrated a widespread fear of death, a feeling that’s natural to all beings.

Christ however offers a supernatural solution to both fear and death with his resurrection from the dead.

The events of Easter offer eternal life to those who follow Christ, a promise that you can be with Him in heaven if you so choose on this earth.

If Christ really rose from the dead and is God, then the priorities we have in this life change radically.

No longer is material gain, comforts or long life the main focus of our efforts, but having each day to serve and know God becomes our happiness.

And so far in my own relatively short life of living on both sides of the fence dividing belief and unbelief, I have found that only the former brings true fulfillment and peace.

For centuries, many monasteries have heard monks whisper to each other “memento mori”, meaning “remember death”. Their overriding concern is to remember that this life is passing and a new one awaits at the moment of death, putting vanity and pride aside to realise our own mortality.

The stark message of Easter is that we don’t have to be locked down in misery, fear, tears or empty promises anymore, because Christ has opened the way to heaven with Him, and all we must do is prepare.


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