Donald Trump didn’t “incite” any violent wars, unlike Mr. Biden

“There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action.” – Goethe.

There’s something deeply perverse about rich westerners adorned in slick suits, enjoying all the luxury money can buy, deciding over the course of an afternoon to drop bombs that will kill dirt poor, hardworking families thousands of miles away in the Middle East, but such is the stark reality so often overlooked in modern warfare. It’s a reality no US president for a very long time has been immune to.

Recent events in the US capital have brought Donald Trump’s infamy to new heights, if that were possible, but parsing out his words and actions from the media’s noisy histrionics is probably the best way to determine how he ranks among his predecessors and successor in terms of “inciting violence”.

Despite all the ink spilled about the Capitol buildings being stormed, and lack of airtime acknowledging his repeated calls for peaceful demonstration, it is frankly impossible to find a quote from President Trump telling his followers to engage in violence last Wednesday, although much has been made of his insistence that they shouldn’t accept the election results.

The difference between a “largely peaceful” demonstration, as leftist media like to call BLM protests, and the all-out war overlooked by this week’s pearl-clutchers is vast. The regrettable events of Wednesday are naught compared to the horrible war-crimes committed during so many US wars of intervention, and in that respect President Trump is the least blood-soaked of those presidents past and incoming.

Much as I am glad Donald Trump did not launch any war of his own, unlike so many of his predecessors, he did continue supplying arms and jets to Saudi Arabia for use in Yemen, along with occasionally bombing Syria on highly debatable grounds. That said, Trump was a lot less trigger happy than the Obama/Biden administration before him, given their decision to launch a war on Libya and aid attacks in Syria and Yemen, unleashing havoc in the region.

Biden, of course, also supported the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, making his penchant for pulling the trigger quite clear. One couldĀ  say he is quite happy to incite violence when its not on his doorstep.

You might have noticed that such disastrous decisions barely get a mention nowadays as media outlets the world over salivate at the downfall of Donald Trump and the elevation of a man much more to their liking. There was no accountability in media circles when Libya was destroyed by the Obama-Biden-Clinton axis, so we can’t expect they’ll suddenly bring that inconvenient reality to our attention during the current fanfare.

These wars have cost the lives of millions at this point, the victims of which remain largely faceless and forgotten by the instigators and enablers within politics and media. It is to our collective shame that we fawn over such leaders, joining in the celebration of people who should be in the Hague rather than the halls of power.

Mr. Biden’s campaign had promised to reverse his prior support for the war in Yemen by ceasing the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia, but it remains to be seen whether he will stand up to the might of the American arms industry in cutting off that particular revenue stream. His apparent lack of substance would suggest we shouldn’t expect great things in that regard.

The world will do well if Biden avoids re-igniting the conflict in Syria, but it appears to be a long term policy goal on both sides of the US aisle to maintain a permanent presence in the oil-rich northeastern corner of the country, past the Euphrates. Whether or not this area will be used for anything more than extraction is anyone’s guess, but NATO’s incursion with Turkish and US troops doesn’t bode well for those who wish to see a reunified nation.

The balkanisation of Syria might now become a goal of Biden’s, an outcome that would be much more pleasing to NATO and certain oil companies, than to Damascus and Moscow.

As for Iran, it would be surprising to see a sterner approach from Biden than Obama mustered, with conflict there remaining unlikely, even if Israel continues to bristle at their proximity to the Golan Heights.

The pitiful sight of a western world rejoicing at Biden’s win says everything about their concern for his countless victims however, with malleable minds proving that even the worst atrocities and bloodshed can be quickly forgotten in the bright lights, big smiles and pantomime of another resounding election victory for the forces of “pure goodness” against “sheer evil”.

If only everyone turned off the TV for a minute and considered the absurdity of it all. The man who has incited vastly more violence than Mr. Trump will now redeem, unite and govern America, free from a scintilla of scrutiny or perspective.

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