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Criminal investigation into Gardaí allegedly extorting delivery drivers

Four south Dublin Gardaí have been suspended amid suspicions that officers have been “taxing” food delivery drivers, and extorting them for money on the roadside.

As reported in the Irish Times, there was an initial Garda inquiry into the alleged theft of money from a Deliveroo rider by a police officer earlier this year. However, this has transformed into an “extensive criminal investigation” by the Garda Anti-Corruption Unit into what could be a trend of Gardaí shaking down delivery men for money.

At least one Garda is suspected to have demanded petty sums of money under €50 from numerous delivery workers. Reportedly, the officer would stop riders, on alleged suspicion of drug offences.

One Garda was suspended amid the investigation in November, and three more have been suspended this week.

Earlier this year, a foreign national female Deliveroo rider alleged that she was stopped by two Garda officers who went to her home and carried out a search of her possessions. The woman claims that after the search, a number of her belongings, including a sum of money, were missing.

According to the Irish Times, while senior Garda sources describe the criminal investigation as “extensive,” they stress that no concrete evidence of wrongdoing has been found yet.

The Anti-Corruption Unit was launched earlier in 2021. It is made up of 26 Gardaí, led by a chief superintendent and two detective superintendents.


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