Cork mother & son barricade door against drug-fueled axeman, court told

A Cork mother and her 31-year-old son were forced to barricade themselves inside their own home against a drug-fueled intruder wielding a hatchet, a court has heard.

Detective Sergeant Kieran O’Sullivan reported that Gardaí had responded to calls of a home invasion from a 58-year-old mother and her 31-year-old son.

After reportedly hearing the sound of glass breaking downstairs, the son reportedly went to his mother in her room, whereupon the intruder – later identified as 21-year-old Michael Martin – pushed on the bedroom door attempting to enter.

After the home’s residents successfully pushed back the door, the intrude returned downstairs.

“Gardaí arrived and found he was in possession of a hatchet. It had not been in the house before so it must have been brought to the location by Mr. Martin. He dropped the hatchet when he went into the sitting room,” the Garda Detective said.

“He was searched later at the garda station and he had a small bag of cocaine.”

According to Niamh Ó Donnobháin, defence barrister, the defendant was heavily under the influence of drugs at the time of the incident. He had numerous previous convictions, including four for burglary, two for illegally carrying knives, and two for robbery.

Between police interviews at the Garda station following the incident, the suspect had been given a smoke break outside, whereupon he reportedly attempted to flee from custody. He was apprehended again shortly after.

While Martin had a previous 2 year sentence suspended, Judge Seán Ó Donnabháin revoked this suspension and added an extra 3 year sentence on top of it, giving the suspect a total of five years in jail.

“He stayed in the house when he knew the occupants were in the house. He stayed mooching around the house. He tried the door but they held it. It does not show any real regard for the occupants or others and he was armed with a hatchet,” the judge said.

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