CAM SHERIDAN: Living in a modern day segregated society

Stepping back in time, I can remember the feeling of covid-19 induced fear and panic which followed the WHO’s declaration of a pandemic. Schools were closed, our children kept home. We were encouraged not to leave our houses for non-essential reasons. We couldn’t visit with our family or our friends. Our elderly and vulnerable were cocooned and burdened with extreme isolation. We did this willingly, the only way we could keep each other safe was by being apart. Only two weeks to flatten the curve we were reassured. Disembodied voices over the sound system of our local stores reminding us to keep 2 meters apart, like something out of a dystopian nightmare. The Government comforted us by noting how ‘we were all in this together’. Exact numbers instead of percentages, were broadcasted by media, making the daily numbers of infections and deaths seem unfathomably ominous. Panic!

We locked down, we opened up, we locked down, we opened up, seemingly trapped doing the same thing even when it was clear it did not work. We were told to behave, to ‘do the right thing’. If we listened, it would give Government a chance to update and fortify our hospitals, our HSE. We waited with baited breath as the vaccine race kicked off. We were warned by media of all the failings of AstraZeneca, with Pfizer hailed as the untested hero.  People fought over the prioritisation of opinions. Media giants, Facebook and other social media platforms hailed expert opinions which aligned with the messaging they were shaping our minds with. It was quickly forgotten that opinions, expert or otherwise, were subject to error, as they were treated as undisputable fact. Any opinion, expert or otherwise, which viewed the situation differently was called a conspiracy, and nobody wanted to be labelled as conspiracy theorist. Experts with differing views were vehemently discredited to the point of professional ruin. We were reminded that the average person was not qualified to ask questions or critically apply our minds. Comply. Do it for you family, your friends, your neighbours. Remember, we’re all in this together.

The science in early 2021 was saying that herd immunity would only be achieved if 60% – 70% of the adult population was vaccinated. When we reached the target and the virus continued unhindered, the science was adjusted upwards. When this was achieved, and herd immunity remained elusive, the science told us we now needed to vaccinate our children. Only then would we be safe. People again raised questions.  Why would we vaccinate children, who were low risk when it came to covid-19?

Facebook and other social media platforms took it upon themselves to censor all and any discourse, classifying opposing opinions as ‘misinformation’ and cleverly creating a culture of ‘self-censorship’. Nobody wants to spread misinformation, to be seen as irresponsible, negligent even. People especially do not want to be referred to as an ‘Anti-vaxxer’! Unfortunately, it is just so easy to be classed as an ‘Anti-vaxxer’. If you wanted to wait and see if there were any serious medium to long term risks before making your decision on vaccination, you are classed as an ‘Anti-vaxxer’. If you don’t want to show your personal medical records to have a pint in a pub, you are classed as an ‘Anti-vaxxer’. In fact, ask any question which could be construed as illustrating uncertainty towards these injections, and you are classed as an ‘Anti-vaxxer’. Have an underlying condition causing hesitancy, you must be an ‘Anti-vaxxer’! Don’t want to inject your children with the ‘miracle vaccine’? ‘Anti-vaxxer’!

Fast forward to today. The Government has further strengthened their shame campaign. Those who do not get vaccinated are barred from enjoying the freedoms associated with being a part of society. They are not allowed to enter pubs, bars, restaurants, cinema complexes, or even the gym. They cannot take their children to play centres. The policies which cement this unjust segregation are in place for the greater good we’re told. The Government only want to keep us safe! When it is pointed out that the ‘vaccinated’ can still contract and spread covid, politicians rush to assure us that the vaccine was never advertised as a silver bullet. The vaccine will lessen your symptoms, it will keep you out of hospital. When ‘vaccinated’ people do end up getting critically ill with covid requiring hospitalisation, and some even dying, those same politicians have been quick to assure us that of those who die, it is mostly people with underlying conditions. As though that is supposed to make it better. As though our vulnerable are disposable. As though the politicians leading this insanity have forgotten that these were the very people this vaccine was meant to protect.

The Government did not improve the health structures during the many lockdowns, as they had promised. No one can deny that the current waiting list for ailments other than covid are unmanageably and worrisomely long. What is most incredible is that Government has the gall to scapegoat those who choose not to get vaccinated, for the abysmal state of the HSE. These failings existed well before the outbreak of covid-19, due to abject neglect and mismanagement of the HSE by the Government. What is still more incredulous, are the people in the crowd shouting their support for Government’s discriminatory and divisive policy. Those individuals who seem to absolutely flourish at the ‘othering’ of their fellow humans. It is as though these individuals have been lobotomised by the politically led campaign of fear, no longer able to tell right from wrong. They are guided by this bizarre unquestioning belief in ‘the science’ forgetting that science is an unbiased process of discovery. Science is not intimidated by questions, politicians are.

We are being burdened with a false choice ‘take the vaccine [and an unknown number of boosters] or lose your access to society’. Our God given freedoms are being held hostage by a government who have effectively created a two-tiered society. All this for a vaccine that has not worked, with December 2021 looking a lot like December 2020. Work from home orders, clubs closed, socialisation curtailed, pubs shackled and the stench of a lockdown by stealth creeping up on us. All of these restrictions, with a population which has a 95% vaccination uptake and a large number of individuals already boostered. Yet the government still march to the beat of the Pfizer drum, begging the question of political and media capture by big Pharma.

Segregation is not a new concept. It has been falsely justified throughout history with emotive, fanatical ideals ‘for the greater good’ which breed well in panic. However, hindsight has a way of shining an inescapable, unforgiving light on unjust policy and those who uphold them. It is clear that segregation passes are not only devoid of any ethical intent, they are completely lacking in scientific evidence to prove a health benefit. They do not stop transmission. They do not reduce cases. They do not reduce hospitalisation. They are punitive in nature, aimed at punishing non-compliance. Those who request people to present a segregation pass to enter a premises, and those who display them, are complicit in holding up this malignant mandate. The only way this ends, is if we all stand together and say ‘NO’.

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