Dr Seuss Enterprises denies threatening satire site with legal action

Dr Seuss Enterprises, the company which manages the intellectual property and estate of Dr Seuss, has told Gript that it did not threaten legal action against the satirical Babylon Bee site. They told Gript “The purported legal notice is a fake. It did not come from Dr. Seuss Enterprises or anyone associated with the organization.”

Seth Dillon, CEO of the Babylon Bee, had claimed on Twitter that Seuss Enterprises threatened to sue the satirical site for “copyright infringement and breaking multiple defamation laws.”

The move came after Seuss Enterprises decided to stop publishing six of Dr Seuss’s books over concerns that the books “portray people in ways that are hurtful and wrong.” The Bee satirized that decision by publishing a story detailing how, in a newly released version of the Cat in the Hat, the titular hat wearing cat would diagnosis the “malaise” of two children as being gender dysphoria and give them doses of puberty blockers whilst their mother was away.

The message shared by Dillon appears to been submitted through the Bee’s contact form, and is not written in the style that one would expect from an entity like Seuss Enterprises, which assuredly has a highly effective legal team.

Dillon has said they will not be taking down the piece as it is “a work of satire, which is fair use.” He again mocked the decision of Seuss Enterprises to take down the material, saying they had “took down several of their own, perfectly harmless little titles to score worthless virtue points with insatiable leftists.”

At time of print Dillon had told his Twitter followers that “The best rhyme in the replies will be sent in response to their takedown request.”

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