24th man charged with raping teenage girl in Bradford grooming scandal

Some muslims see white girls as “trash”

A 24th man has been charged with the rape of a teenage girl in connection to the infamous Bradford-based grooming gangs.

ITV News reported Omar Taj, 35, has been charged with the rape of a child aged 13 to 15.”

The other 23 men charged in relation to the abuse of the girl are named as Pasquale Massimo (40), Khazer Hussain (41), Syed Shabir (39), Abbas Hussain (41), Mussadaq Hussain (37), Amjad Hussain )36), Syed Hassan Basharat (33), Hannan Miah (37), Burhan Uddin Ali (36), Abdul Basith (40), Asif Budhia (39), Shazad Khadam (38), Ibrahim Ali (35), Ashfaq Ahmed (34), Aftab Ahmed (33), Yousaf Bhatti (36), Anwar Aziz (32), Shahinul Haq (35), Jameel Ahmed (32), Brian Davis (53), Khalid Parvez (63), Mohammed Nadeem Ali (38) and Muhammad Yasir (36).

The abuse, including alleged forced prostitution of the girl, is reported to have taken place between 2007 and 2011. 

Earlier this year four men, Omar Safdar , Barber Hussain,Hassan Basharat, and Imran Sabi were jailed by Bradford Crown Court for the sexual abuse of a teenage girl also in West Yorkshire.

The abuse in this case is reported to have taken place between ​​2009 and 2010, and to have left the victim “with long-standing psychological problems including PTSD.”

The BBC reported, “A fifth member of the group was found guilty of three rapes and will be sentenced at a later date.” 

The head of the UK’s Ramadan foundation previously told SkyNews that some British Muslims see white girls as “worthless”. 

Mohammed Shafiq said, “They think they can be used in this abhorrent sort of way where they can be seen as trash.”

In 2014 the Guardian reported Nazir Afzal, the Crown Prosecution Service’s lead on child sexual abuse had said that there was a problem within their  community and that muslims must  ​​”address the fact that Asian and Pakistani men are disproportionately involved in “localised, street grooming” of vulnerable girls”. 

Afzal later added, “Too many Muslims prefer to blame women or even evil spirits rather than accept that men can be responsible for terrible crimes,”.

At the time of the report chair of the Muslim Women’s Network, Shaista Gohir, said the issue “partly stemmed from a lack of respect for women and girls”, 

Gohir said that when he asked ‘Asian’ men and boys about their attitude about women and girls one of them told her,  “They wear high heels, wear make up, nice clothes, smell nice, their body language, it’s the tone of their voice. We get tempted and then they scream rape. They call it rape afterwards just because they feel dirty.”


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