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Why do a quarter of all asylum seekers from Zimbabwe come to Ireland, when Botswana refuses them?

With the scales starting to fall from many people’s eyes – including some in Government – with regard to the sheer scale and nature of asylum in Ireland, it is sometimes worth looking at the statistics in slightly more detail.

Zimbabwe has been the country of origin for the fourth highest number, 572 of 6,498, people who had been reported to have applied for asylum in Ireland up to last week.  Zimbabwe was also similarly the fifth most popular country of origin in 2021 and 2020.

The numbers might appear small in absolute terms, but as statistics from the International Protection Office globally indicate, Ireland was the second most popular destination on the entire planet for people claiming asylum from Zimbabwe in 2021.

Almost a quarter of all Zimbabweans claiming asylum in the whole world – 23.7% to be precise – did so in Ireland. Credit to Roderic O’Gorman’s press people and translators maybe? Or perhaps Helen McEntee and her amnesty for illegal immigrants has a lot of Twitter followers in Harare? Or they all got the Sinn Féin statement that they would place “no limits” on the numbers of people who could claim asylum in Ireland?


Refugees from Zimbabwe: Figures and development (

As the table also shows, Ireland is second only to Botswana for those claiming asylum from Zimbabwe, but Botswana, unlike Ireland, has a 500 mile long border with that country.

Zimbabweans fleeing the socialism beloved of the leftist advocates of mass immigration here have to transverse a whole bunch of other safe countries, such as their own, to arrive in Ireland.

Botswana – one of the most successful sub-Saharan countries due to its avoidance of the state socialism so admired by the Irish left – also differs from Ireland in that it has a policy of pretty much zero tolerance for bogus asylum seekers.

In 2021, as the IPO figures show, Botswana rejected all of the new applications for asylum from Zimbabwe, along with many others that were already in the system. Is the government of Botswana racist? Or just looking after the interests of their own people and not under the sway of leftie NGOS?

South Africa which is run by Sinn Féin’s comrades of the African National Congress has adopted a similar hard line against Zimbabweans and late last year was enforcing a policy of mass deportation.

South Africa had previously pursued a liberal policy towards people entering the country from Zimbabwe but had been forced to review this following years of tensions and periodic outbursts of violence directed by and at migrants from Zimbabwe and other African countries. In September 2019, at least 12 people were killed during riots in Cape Town and Johannesburg.


According to figures provided to the government, so far this year there have been 572 applications from people claiming to be seeking asylum from Zimbabwe in Ireland. That compares to just 612 people in the whole world who sought asylum from Zimbabwe in 2021.

There is no rational reason for this other than the fact that Ireland must be regarded as a soft touch for chancers who are not given the time of day by properly functioning African countries.

The same I am certain applies to people claiming to be “fleeing” Georgia. How many of them flee to Bulgaria, which is just up the road?  Five apparently in 2021.

That compared to 338 who battled their way across war torn Germany and France and Britain to make it to the sanctuary of your local INTREO office and the chance for a free gaff. Another 1,181 Georgians have fled long bus queues and poor broadband coverage so far this year.

It is all very well being regarded as a person or a country with a reputation for generosity and non-judgementalism. Where that starts becoming the person or country being regarded as a bit of an eijit and an easy mark for touchers, then it is time to cut off the credit line.

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