‘We’re opening on July 5th no matter what’: restaurants fight back 

The owner of Treyvauds, a family run restaurant in Killarney, says that they will be opening on July 5th “no matter what”. 

This week, pubs and restaurants reacted in anger and despair to indications that the government might act on advice to further delay the full reopening of restaurants and pubs beyond the long-awaited date at the beginning of July.

Now, a kickback may be stirring as Paul Treyvaud has announced that “we will be opening on the 5th July no matter what. I will be asking the Gardai to use their discretion based on every hotel, hairdressers, bookies, supermarket & many more businesses being wedged every day. It would be great if every bar & restaurant joined us. No more of this.


Treyvaud led a previous initiative called “The Plan” which pushed to open businesses in June, as café, pub and restaurant owners in particular become increasingly concerned about the future of their livelihoods.
The Plan was postponed in the belief that indoor dining would resume July 5th.

While Nphet says it is concerned at the threat of the Delta variant of the Covid-19 virus, commentators point to the very low level of cases, deaths, and beds occupied in ICUs.

They have also questioned the need for a further extension to the lockdown as the vaccine rollout continues and most of the rest of Europe has opened up.

Treyvaud said that “if indoor hospitality does not reopen July 5th, rural Ireland will be absolutely wiped out this winter”.

Publican Niamh  Begley was the first to respond to say: “I’m in”.

Local journalist David Byrne asked what restaurants had to lose? “If most pubs or restaurants don’t open up in the next few weeks, at the height of when people are taking their hols when the schools finish, they will never reopen again, as it is going to be a long winter ahead,” he said, adding that it was about trying to save small family businesses.


Other restaurateurs tweeted that they would also be opening July 5th, including the owner of Ellie McGuire’s restaurant in Co. Mayo. “I’ll be opening indoors on the 5th too. Going contacting all local hospitality to see if they’ll follow suit. We need the majority of businesses to do the same. The government won’t listen to us otherwise,” tweeted Kieron O’Neill.


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