Welfare payments being funnelled to Jihadi terrorists

The Irish Sun reports that supporters of Islamic terror in Ireland are funnelling social welfare payments to jihadi groups in the Middle East.

The Gardaí’s Counter Terrorism International Unit is reportedly investigating the transfer of PUP payments to supporters of ISIS and Hamas.

Europol’s Terrorism Situation and Trend report for 2021 shows eighteen arrests of men between the ages of 20 and 50 have been made in Ireland, with some suspects working in barbershops and the hospitality industry before the first Covid-19 lockdown began.

The funds are reported to have been sent to countries such as Turkey and Afghanistan, with suspects arrested on the basis of alleged terrorist financing and money laundering.

“The suspected financing of extremist terrorist groups is happening all over Ireland,” a source told the Irish Sun.

“There are different ways of transferring cash and one of the dominant forms in 2020 was for suspects to gather cash from PUP payments before sending the money overseas.

“There were suspects who were working in Ireland but when they lost their jobs to Covid-19 they used the welfare payments for terrorist financing.

“It’s hard to prove terrorist financing so these individuals could face serious money laundering offences.”

The Europol report warns that a number of jihadi rebels and ISIS members have returned to Ireland since fighting in Syria, whilst another jihadist with links to Ireland is thought to be planning his return from the Middle East.

Ten Islamic terror attacks killed 12 people and injured 47 in Europe last year.

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