Healthcare workers have hit out at government plans to have people submit recordings of Ireland’s call to help front-line staff deal with the coronavirus crisis. 

Lat week, Tania Banotti, head of Creative Ireland, said the online initiative would show appreciation and help to inspire medical staff on the frontline.

However, the response from many of those frontline worklers might not have been what the government expected, with posts on social media pointing out that medics are now putting their safety on the line as a result of the shortage of protective equipment.

This ICU nurse said it plainly:


Another immediately agreed.

“Sometimes, you just need to shout ‘stop’. If you’ll allow me to speak on behalf of Ireland’s medical workers, the last thing anyone wants to hear after a 12-hour shift in an ICU ward is ‘Ireland’s Call'” wrote Donny Mahoney on

Just stay at home and stay safe, said this healthcare worker.

But many respondents referenced the lack of personal protective clothing.


The shortage of protective equipment has become a pressing concern for healthcare workers, even as a surge in sick patients is expected in hospitals nationwide. Last week, almost 4 out of 10 pieces assesses in a shipment of protective equipment from China were described  as “unsuitable” or “not suitable for use” in clinical or other healthcare settings.