Photo credit: Doug Ford via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0

“We got it wrong”: Canadian politician tearfully apologises for draconian covid restrictions

“Simply put, we got it wrong. We made a mistake,” said Ontario Premier Doug Ford, shedding tears as he apologised during a press conference for proposing new heavy-handed covid restrictions across the province in recent weeks.

Last Friday, the Ontario regional government announced new measures that granted police the power to randomly stop people on the street or in their car to ask why they had left their homes during the lockdown. The government also ordered that all playgrounds should be closed.

The state has since walked back those powers after intense backlash, with police forces across the province insisting that they would not enforce or implement such laws.

“I hear it every day. Every single day. People telling me their stories — the stories that make you cry,” said an emotional Ford, who took to the airwaves in a press conference to apologise.

“Families that haven’t been able to hold the hand of their Mum or Dad as they passed away because of covid-19 restrictions in hospitals.

“These decisions, they left a lot of people really concerned,” he added. “Simply put, we got it wrong. We made a mistake.”

“For that I am sorry, and I sincerely apologize. I know that some of those measures, especially around enforcement, went too far.

“We will come up with this program and again, it will be the best program in North America. We are working on solutions as we talk right now.”

The apology has not satisfied everyone, though, and Ford is facing calls to resign over the blunder.

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