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WATCH: Tucker Carlson says media pushing war between US and Russia 

Leading US media commentator Tucker Carlson, says that “America is moving towards war with Russia, and the media is encouraging it”.

As tension grows between Ukraine and Russia, Carlson says that prominent figures in the United States are pushing the country to take what he sees as a dangerous stance that may include going to war with Russia. He points to calls on US media for President Joe Biden to act ‘aggressively” as Russia amasses troops near the Ukrainian

Joining Carlson, policy researcher Clint Ehrlich said that those who were calling for the US to act in the region in order to restore Crimea to the Ukraine were “warmongers” pushing a “dangerous” line.

Erlich claimed the US was”sleepwalking” towards a conflict with Russia – a country with “more than 4000 nuclear weapons ”  – and argued that such a war would be fought with “no vital strategic national interest.”

Crimea, a region which affords strategic access to the Black Sea, has been the focus of a tug-of-war between Russia and the Ukraine for centuries. The peninsula is made up mostly of ethnic Russians but it also has significant Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar minorities.

Central to the growing tension in the past months is NATO – a defensive alliance which the Ukraine looks set to join. Russia argues that the move would constitute a growing military threat on the country’s western flank.



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