WATCH: Dutch Police Fire on Farmers During Escalating Food Protest

Images have emerged online showing Dutch police pointing guns at farmers riding tractors in what has been described by a journalist following the events on the ground as “100% peaceful” protests.

Keean Bexte has been reporting on the protests currently sweeping the Netherlands as farmers are moving to resist EU imposed measures to drastically cut nitrogen emissions by 2030, which they claim will force around a 30% reduction in the national herd, driving many of them out of business.

Elsewhere, what are believed to be undercover police officers were caught on camera exiting a police vehicle.

It is believed they were sent in to cause trouble as they were captured seeking refuge in a police vehicle after being confronted by the protesters.

Thousands of supporters took to the streets in Eindhoven to express their support for the farmers.

The Dutch government released a statement via Twitter with the message saying ‘realistically not all of you will be able to keep your farms’.

The government is claiming that farmers will be asked to enter into voluntary redundancy, however farmers maintain that because of the scale of reduction in agricultural practices needed to meet the targets, that it will inevitably lead to forced farm closures. 

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