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WATCH: Official faints at Denmark’s AstraZeneca cessation announcement 

Denmark has announced a full cessation of the use of the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine citing concerns about rare cases of blood clots. 

It is the first European country to announce that it is withdrawing the vaccine until further notice – with some 2.4 million jabs shelved until further notice.

During the announcement the head of the country’s Medicines Agency, Tanja Erichsen, fainted, She was taken to hospital as a precaution, but the agency later tweeted she had recovered.


Although other European countries, including Ireland has previously suspended or restricted the vaccine, Denmark has taken the precaution a step further.

The Danish Health Authority said that a higher than expected frequency of blood clots had occurred following administration of the Astra-Zeneca vaccine, with clots affecting some one in 40,000 people. One case of thrombosis, involving a 60-year-old woman, proved fatal.

Director General Soren Brostrom said other vaccines were available and Covid levels in Denmark were currently under control.

“The upcoming target groups for vaccination are less likely to become severely ill from Covid-19,” he said. “We must weigh this against the fact that we now have a known risk of severe adverse effects from vaccination with AstraZeneca, even if the risk in absolute terms is slight.”

Yesterday, the US, Canada and the European Union and South Africa also paused the Johnson & Johnson  Covid because of similar fears over clotting.

However, the European Medicines Agency has said that the risk of dying of Covid-19 was much greater, and the risk of clotting was very low, with incidences being very rare.

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