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WATCH: INTO criticised for transgender “Lucy to Liam” lesson

The Irish National Teachers’ Organization (INTO) has produced a series of videos encouraging members to discuss LGBT issues with children. 

The largest teachers’ union in Ireland, the INTO, has been criticised for its advice to members on how to deal with gender dysphoria and other LGBT issues that could arise among children.

Titled “Facilitating a social transition“, one of the INTO video focuses on a fictitious child named Lucy who now wants to be called Liam, with the narrator claiming the child knows their true gender identity contrary to what the doctor assigned her at birth.

The narrator explains how he set about “preparing the child’s social-transition”, first challenging “gender stereotypes” among the class and reassuring them that boys can change into girls and girls can change into boys.

“Sometimes, while the doctor says the baby is a boy, as that baby grows up they feel inside that they’re not a boy. While they might have a boy’s name…they know they aren’t a boy…by making those changes, the person feels happier and more like themselves.”

“Some people who experience this might use the word ‘transgender’ to describe themselves.”

The child in question then tells the class that their new name is no longer Lucy, but Liam.

The narrator goes onto introduce the children to “non-binary” identities, where people don’t identify as either a boy or a girl.


Psychotherapist and columnist Stella O’Malley criticised the video for allegedly being “inaccurate and badly worded”, whilst others labelled it “indoctrination”, accusing the creators of not having “studied biology at secondary school.”


The transgender information is accompanied by two other videos, one of which explains “what gay means“, and the other promoting gay marriage.
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