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WATCH: Hospital demands Covid test for newborn, despite parents’ objection

The expectant mother, who is apparently at risk of miscarriage, was told that the matter would be reported to social services.

A number of NHS nurses in England have been recorded at the foot of a pregnant mother’s bed demanding she agree to a Covid test for her baby upon birth.

In a heated exchange between the expectant parents and at least two hospital staff, the mother shouts that she is at risk of losing her baby and doesn’t “need this bull***t about COVID”.

The parents are then informed that their refusal will be documented and sent to the social services’ Safeguarding Team.

Despite insisting the  baby is “her property”, the mother appears to be told that this is only the case “while the baby’s in your abdomen.”

“So you’re saying once the baby comes out it’s not my property no more, yes it is, I gave birth to it, it’s got my blood running through it,” the mother retorts.

The father of the child then interjects to say the couple will leave the hospital, insisting “they’re not Covid testing my baby…end of”.

“You can’t tell me that you get to give me the say of what happens once my baby’s born…I don’t think so, you can’t do nothing to my baby without my permission,” the mother continues.

The NHS website currently states that if a pregnant mother has confirmed or suspected COVID-19 when the baby is born, “doctors who specialise in the care of newborn babies (neonatologists) will examine your baby and advise you about their care, including whether your baby needs to be tested.”

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