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Uproar in UK as kids education pack “normalises paedophilia”

Kids told “love has no age limit” 

Parents have been incensed at the publication of a learning pack for primary school children which they say “normalises paedophilia” by telling kids that ‘love has no age limit’.

The pack was produced by the Diversity Role Models organisation for children aged three to 11,and sent in an email to customers of Asda, a major supermarket chain.

According to news reports, parents were also concerned at the inclusion of a book called Beyond Magenta as recommended reading material in the Secondary pack. The book includes explicit sexual references, including: “From six up I used to kiss guys…. and perform oral sex on them. I liked it. I used to love oral.”  It also references perverts touching themselves and saying ‘come here, sweetie’, reports  the Daily Star.

The Safe Schools Alliance, which works with schools to ensure safeguarding, said they had been contacted by many concerned parents who had received an email about the learning pack from the George at Asda brand.

They were particularly upset that an exercise included in the Primary School learning pack included the message ‘love has no age limit’, which they claim could be seen to normalise paedophilia.

“This might be viewed as an innocent-sounding phrase, but it has a much darker meaning: it is often used in an attempt to justify the sexual abuse of children. Many groups such as LGBA and Safe Schools Alliance were quick to point out this phrase is connected to sexual abusers and the ‘Pedophile Information Exchange’, a now-disbanded organisation that was set up for the rights of adults to sexually abuse children,” wrote one commentator.

“That book is hugely inappropriate and disgusting, trying to normalise overly sexualised behaviour to the reader, so wrong and I would be absolutely shocked and disgusted to find my child of pretty much any age reading those words and taking them on board, what on earth is this?!”,one mum also wrote on Mumsnet regarding the inclusion of Beyond Magenta, reports My London.

Although Asda has a partnership with Diversity RoleModels which produced the materials, they said they were not directly responsible for the content of the pack.

An Asda spokesperson said: “The home learning packs are produced by our charity partner Diversity Role Models as part of the work they do in schools to encourage young people to challenge stereotypes and embrace diversity.”

Following the furore, Diversity Role Models said the materials would be amended.

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