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“Up the flats” says Barry Keoghan as he keeps winning awards

Actor Barry Keoghan didn’t have it easy growing up, and for his fans that makes his success all he sweeter.

But despite his Hollywood star status, his roots are very close to the Summerhill actor’s heart as he showed at the BAFTAs last weekend.

“Up the Flats” he told journalists at the press meet at the awards, in praise of the inner-city community where he grew up.

Accepting the award for Best Supporting Actor, Keoghan dedicated it to Ireland, to his baby son Brando, mother and to the kids from Summerhill “who are dreaming to be something”.

At the age of 12, while living with his grandmother he learned of the death of his mother. He said that: ‘drugs hit the area, it had affected all the families and she was one that got caught.

From that point on the boys went to live in 13 foster homes over the years where he said he and his siblings were helped, but that it was hard.

“We went into foster care and the families we went to were good to us. We went to a few of them. They kept us together, which was great,” he said on the Late Late Show.

“Every family was good to us. As a kid, you don’t know what’s happening; you get attached and then boom – let’s move over here.

“It’s a weird one. It’s only when you get older, you can look back and get a bit of perspective on it.

He believes his mother supports him from where she is now, giving him an “energy or push” when needed.

“I never say ‘lucky’ because I don’t believe in good luck, but I am blessed to be working alongside incredible actresses and actors and amazing crew and directors, and everyone else who goes behind these movies that we make.

“I really am blessed.”



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