A very rare victory for common sense, these days, so naturally it didn’t happen in Ireland:

Nick Buckley MBE, who was ousted as chief executive of his own charity last month following some mild criticisms of the Black Lives Matter manifesto, is back in charge thanks to the Free Speech Union. As of today, the trustees who fired him have all resigned, new trustees have been appointed and Nick has been re-appointed as CEO of Mancunian Way, the award-winning charity he founded in 2011.  Nick was sacked after an article he posted on Linked-In attracted controversy, including a Change.org petition demanding his head. In spite of the fact that the petition only attracted 465 signatures – and Nick himself founded Mancunian Way – the trustees terminated the charity’s service level agreement within a week of the petition being launched.

To be fair, in Ireland we haven’t had any incidents of charity bosses being sacked for saying something politically incorrect – but that’s mainly because no Irish charity boss would ever dream of saying anything politically incorrect in the first place. There’s no need to enforce conformity when everyone has signed up, voluntarily, to conform.

If you’re in a position of power in Ireland and you’re mildly sceptical of a progressive cause, you either say nothing at all, or confine your misgivings to the occasional whatsapp message to very trusted friends. You sure as hell don’t say anything in public, because you’d only be looking for trouble.

Anyway, what heinous thoughtcrime was Mr. Buckley sacked for in the first place? Read it, and behold his villainy:

Writing on Medium.com on June 6 – the day (Black Lives Matter) protesters clashed with mounted police in Central London – Mr Buckley said its slogan ‘is far too simple but is perfect for our modern age of social media and the willingness of social justice warriors to take up another cause.’

He added: ‘What is happening in the UK over the last few days has very little to do with the horrendous incident in the USA. It is better described as part “new fashion craze” and part “an opportunity for anarchy”.

‘Do you know who Black Lives Matter are? Do you know what this self-proscribed political movement wants? According to their website, they want to end white supremacy, disrupt the Western prescribed nuclear family and dismantle the patriarchal practice. These are fancy words, what do they mean?

‘They are exactly what post-modern, neo-Marxists use when they call for the destruction of Western democracy and our way of life.’

If anyone in the Irish NGO sector ever says anything like that, then we’ll know for certain that we’ve stepped through some kind of dimensional gate into a parallel reality. And, of course, the petition calling for them to be sacked will get far more than 465 signatures.

Anyway, Mr. Buckley was lucky enough that in Britain now, some gluttons for punishment have founded a thing called the “Free Speech Union”, which exists primarily to defend thought criminals from the consequences of their own words. It launched a counter-petition, which secured 17,500 signatures, and funded a good lawyer for Mr. Buckley, and the whole mess ended up with the charity’s trustees themselves being sacked, and Mr. Buckley re-instated.

A bit like that part in Harry Potter where the killing curse re-bounded, if you’re stuck for a metaphor.