Trans activists are now tweeting #RIPJKRowling in new wave of hatred against Harry Potter author 

The hashtag #RIPJKRowling has been trending on social media as transgender activists expressed opposition which often amounted to hatred and venom at the Harry Potter author. 

The author, who has come under sustained attack for expressing concern that the aggression of trans activists is diminishing women’s rights, has just published a book where a serial killer dresses as a woman when killing his victims.

The book’s launch has provoked a storm of abuse on social media from activists who insist that gender is a social construct, and that men can identify as a woman in a fluid way, changing gender without reference to biological reality.

Many of the tweets from transgender activists threatened or used abusive language towards Ms Rowling.

Broadcaster Piers Morgan said that the fact that “#RIPJKRowling  is trending says all you need to know about the woke brigade – they’re nastier & more viciously intolerant than anyone they preach about. ”

Actor James Dreyfus said the use of the hashtag “tells you everything you need to know about the mindset of these TRA (Trans Rights Activists). Read the comments. Don’t ever ask me to justify my position on this again. It’s sick. Just sick.  #IStandWithJKRowling”, he said.

Others pointed to the lack of tolerance for opposing views or the absence of civility in debate.

“The fact she’s getting so much grief because she disagrees with something regarding transgenderism and this is the response. It’s horrific that we can’t debate things civilly anymore without being vilified the way she is.”

And many women said that Rowling was speaking up for women and for women’s rights.


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