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“They don’t care about us”: East Wall residents say they will fight to protect community 

Hundreds of local people have again protested in East Wall at the arrival of hundreds of migrants into an accommodation centre in the area without consultation. The crowd expressed frustration and anger at the response of politicians who they say are ignoring the concerns of people living in the area.



Local solicitor Malachy Steenson addressed the crowd saying that the people of East Wall “would not be walked on” and was sharply critical of TDs who had condemned residents of East Wall for expressing their concerns.

He said that local representatives had met with Ministers Roderic O’Gorman and Pascal Donohue but that they had refused to agree to stop bringing in people to the area. He added that Mary Lou McDonald was not supporting the local people in the protest.

Protesters responded by saying “They don’t care about us” – and vowed to continue the protests, which  they say are highlighting the “real and serious concerns”  East Wall residents have about the government’s actions in imposing migrant accommodation on the area.

Chief among those concerns, one local woman told Gript, was the fact that “busloads of young single men arrived here at night and we don’t know who they are, they are not vetted.”

“This community has a right to know who is being sent to live here,” she said. “They are using charges of racism to try to shout us down, but we have to think about our daughters and their safety and what’s best for this community. Why are the people of East Wall meant to just put up with this and shut up? It wouldn’t happen in Mount Merrion.”

Mr Steenson was adamant that the local concerns would win out and that the protests would continue. “This facility will close,” he said, adding that this was now a national issue and that communities around the country who felt similarly unconsulted were getting in touch to say that they stood with East Wall.

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