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The evidence is in: Lockdown is creating a health crisis worse than Covid

Deaths from heart attacks deaths triple, and cancer deaths are predicted to rise over the next ten years. Yet the lockdowns continue, and the data is ignored. 

It seems that the main function of the Irish government is to inflate the fear. The latest from our patronising Tánaiste is that we might have to get used to plenty more lockdown. This is delivered in a “tune in next week” cheap serial suspense style, but for some of us the only thing we are left feeling is that the script is old and we have seen it all before.

It says a lot for the failure of our education system that people don’t understand that what they are actually getting from the government is not protection, but a debt that even their children won’t be able to pay back. How much will we have borrowed when the restrictions are finally lifted? Sixty, seventy, eighty billion; who knows at this stage? It’s a mountain so large that it makes precious little difference to the seemingly innumerate majority of the Irish public. Is it a Mount Everest or a Matterhorn of debt?  When you have no idea about how to pay it back, it’s all the same. I’m no mountaineer, but I understand that debt is a mill stone around the necks of our future, and the future of our children.

However, the real question right now is; did the lockdowns even help as they were supposed to – or did they make overall public health worse?

This is a more complex question than whether lockdowns controlled the rate of spread of Covid, and it’s one that critics of lockdown started posing as early as April last year – much to the chagrin of the institutional spinners who tried their utmost to suppress this very valid questioning of the narrative.

However, it’s hard to fool all of the people all of the time. The accounts are coming in and they are grim. They show that the hysteria around Covid has killed in vast numbers, and will continue to do so for years; even after lockdown is lifted.

We saw it coming, and though some brave medical and public health specialists warned that this consequence was inevitable, the fear mongers had the media and the captured scientific institutions to push their narrative, and so we are now paying the price and will pay a heavier price in the coming years.

For instance research by the Italian Society of Cardiology found that, because of the fear of Covid and a disruption in services, deaths from heart attacks have tripled last year in Italy. In comparison to 2019 the mortality rate of heart attack victims rose from 4.1% to 13.7% in 2020.  Two factors were noted. That hospitals were diverted to Covid uses, and people feared going to hospital with symptoms because of Covid.

The report was based on measurements within a limited time period from last March, but added that unless these conditions were properly addressed, more people would die from these excess heart attack deaths than from Covid.

The normal death rate for cardiovascular disease in Italy is around 260,000 per year, the paper noted.

Ironically it was images of an Italian medical catastrophe with patients drowning in their own fluids that caused the Covid panic to spread so quickly, with resulting reactionary policies that proved disastrous.

That’s just one disease treatment that is being neglected because of the Covid policy response. The same effects are being noted by oncologists around the world.

Professor Seamus O’Reilly, a consultant medical oncologist in Cork University Hospital warned that we will see higher death rates from cancer for the next decade because of the disruption to cancer screening and treatment over the past year. Cancer treatment trials were down 40%, mammograms were cancelled for 6 months, and just 1 out of every 5 cervical checks were attended.

But who was surprised by this? When you cripple a health system with massive restrictions it just doesn’t work any more. Health policy is supposed to do far more than address infection risks.

There is of course a public mental health crisis fuelled by the unnatural stresses of lockdown which is hard to ignore now. Young children as young as 8 are presenting in hospital A&E after self harming according to a BBC report.

Dr. Scott Atlas, an advisor to President Trump’s Covid taskforce, warned of this last July, but the fake news media ignored him or just slandered him for obvious reasons. – he had the Trump contagion.

He wasn’t the only doctor to highlight an increase in child abuse evident in admissions to A&E. At the same time he flagged a noticeable decrease in reporting because children were not attending school where these things are first noticed and flagged. This does not mean children are not being harmed, it means that no-body is paying attention to it.

Interestingly Atlas and his Stanford Colleague Dr. Jay Bhattacharya were recently in Florida to discuss their findings on the effects of lockdown. Interesting for more than one reason, as Florida is the anti-lockdown state in America and Governor, Ron De Santis is the anti-Cuomo governor.

Florida, with no lockdown and minimal disruption to business and life in general, is doing just fine – better than most states in fact, even though it has rejected the restrictions imposed on the citizens of other states. In a way, just like Sweden, Florida is a boil on the ass of lockdown ideology. If Sweden and Florida don’t fail like the doom merchants predict (and the figures for excess deaths in 2020 are showing they didn’t), well doesn’t that mean that all the investment in fear and repressive control is exposed?

Atlas and Bhattacharya listed the casualties of lockdown in a Florida public health roundtable held by the state governor Ron De Santis. He said that when we look at things like excess mortality rates, Florida beat 70% of the states in America. Comparing it to California who had extremely repressive lockdowns, he said “California did 50% worse than Florida.”

Now that’s interesting.


Quoting the statistics he said that “the lockdowns failed to stop the infection and killed people, destroyed lives, destroyed families.”

Battacharya is an author of the Great Barrington Declaration which calls for focused protection of vulnerable groups and a communication of best practice to the rest of the general public. This has been criticised by lockdown enthusiasts as recklessly akin to a let it rip policy. However, co-author of the GBD, Sunetra Gupta, was at pains to explain that an “imperfect lockdown was actually closer to a let it rip strategy than a focused protection strategy was.

Bhattacharya added that lockdown’s did not protect the vulnerable, such as the elderly, and in fact caused many unnecessary deaths amongst these vulnerable populations through a misplaced faith in its efficacy.

Fear has been used as a tool to get lockdown compliance and this is not without consequence. Dr Atlas summarised some of the effects of the fear narrative used by the lockdown strategists. According to the nation-wide statistics gathered over the last year he could say that:

•    40% of acute stroke patients didn’t call the ambulance, they were so afraid they just stayed home.
•    Up to 78% of cancer screenings were not done. That amounted to over a million cases
•    Insurance claims reporting showed a more than tripling of self-harm in teenagers
•    There was a 4 fold increase in suicidal ideation in college-age students in the US

The one-dimensional obsession with lockdown at the expense of all other public health issues was described by Battacharya as “the greatest public health policy failure of the past 100 years.”

Dr. Martin Kulldorff, a professor of medicine at Harvard University, a biostatistician, and epidemiologist, highlighted another issue that has rarely been discussed and perhaps explain the institutional wagon-circling around the safety narrative. The brunt of the danger of Covid-19 has been born by manual workers who typically are in low wage economies. Who he termed the “Laptop class“ – people who can work in isolation and can afford the luxury of lockdown –  are the ones fighting for strict and prolonged lockdown. Is it any wonder that the media and political world, who are all within this “laptop class,” are all entirely on one side on this question, whilst the demonised opposition are more likely to be poor and low income workers?

From the figures emerging it looks like the wrong science has been “followed.” It looks like freedom is safer overall than centrally controlled safety. Freedom of speech is safer than fake news. And intellectual freedom is safer than institutionally controlled narratives.

It’s time the Irish government stopped thinking of their poll figures and started admitting they failed. The outcome for public health if they double down instead may be devastating.




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