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Irish Exclusive: The EU accidentally released an unredacted version of the AstraZeneca contract

The European Commission appears to have negligently breached the terms of its contract with AstraZeneca by accidentally releasing a largely unredacted version of the contract. The move appears to break Section 16.4 of the contract, which states that confidential material shall not be disclosed to third parties.

The EU had been calling on AstraZeneca to agree to the release of a redacted version of the contract, which AstraZeneca had agreed to, but the contract released by the EU reveals substantially more of the contract than appears to have been agreed upon.

The version uploaded by the EU appears at first glance to have been redacted, but it was discovered that the majority of the redacted text could be viewed as normal using a the bookmarks feature of a PDF reader, as can be seen in the screenshot below.

Some material remains redacted, such as the price paid per vaccine, but the price paid by the EU had previously been revealed to have been €1.78 per vaccine. Those details were released by Eva De Bleeker, Belgium’s Federal Secretary of State for Budget and Consumer Affairs, who tweeted it out, apparently without knowing that the information was confidential, before quickly deleting it.

The EU did not respond to questions about the contract, but instead took down the original and replaced it with a properly redacted version. Gript was able to acquire one of the original versions of the contract, which you can download at the link below. Any PDF reader with a bookmarks function, such as Adobe Reader, will be able to show you the unredacted text.

Unredacted AstraZeneca Contract

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