The establishment’s rage against Ballymun

Imagine you’re a family of six in a three-bedroom house, and a rich relative comes to visit and he brings a stranger with him. And he tells you that he is billeting this person in your house. And you object saying: ‘My house is sort of full and I don’t think I have room for more.  And I don’t think my family can accommodate another person with different needs to ours’.

The uncle says that you’re selfish. That you have more than this person and that it’s your duty to put them up.

Let’s say that he has a house of his own, in Castleknock or Donnybrook, but tells you that he couldn’t possibly fit in this person for whom he feels such compassion. In fact, he’s gone to court to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Then he leaves the stranger with you, and you discover that said stranger has no identifying documents and that no-one can say for sure who he actually is. 

This is the stunt that was pulled by the establishment in Ireland, along with their astro-turfed ‘heroes’,  on working class areas such as Ballymun, East Wall, Finglas, and Drimnagh; and of course a number of rural towns around the country.

One of the most obvious sentiments of this campaign has been the unconcealed contempt of the purveyors of the official message for the people of Ballymun and other areas.

It is a phenomenon that sociologists call ‘Anti-ingroup bias’, and essentially it is a contempt for your own and a preference for people who aren’t like you.  

Anti-ingroup bias is a social phenomenon manifested particularly strongly amongst liberal credentialed types. These are people who typically see themselves as open and liberal-minded. They see their self-described “curiosity and openness” as proof of their enlightened outlook. The public display of their “openness” shows that they have the right ideological loyalties, which in turn gives them status amongst their peers.

This gives them elevation in liberal circles by displaying how elevated they are on the care/harm “moral foundation” – a theoretical explanation of motivation which Jonathan Haidt spoke about in his explanatory theory of moral foundations, ‘The Righteous Mind’.

Anti-ingroup bias is the other part of this idea of liberal openness. The intellectual is jaded with cultural sameness and s/he is disgusted by insular identity within his/her own cultural or ethnic grouping. Other groups by definition – even if said groups are also insular and tribal – are always preferable to their own.

In fact, it is the attempt of those who have anti-ingroup bias to break free of their “own traditional identity group” that defines them above all else. These are sometimes termed “anywhere people”.

What should be obvious from this term is that they have very little alignment with another one of Haidt’s “moral foundations”: that is the “loyalty/betrayal” foundation.

Once the first protest in Ballymun started, former Dublin footballer, Philly McMahon took to twitter to denounce everyone who took part. Not just an announcement to say that he disagreed with their opinion, but to renounce them personally. He made an ad hominem attack on their motivations, their principles, and who they are in general. McMahon displays the language of disgust.

Under the hashtag BallymunForAll (a derivative on the communist trope of “each according to their needs”, where ironically everyone eventually starves) McMahon shared a graphic which claimed that “There are some people spreading lies and fear in our community, and are using the fact that we need better services, homes, and decent work – to turn us against each other and fuel hate.”

It continues with more socialist boilerplate which the script writers in the Taoiseach’s office (or wherever in government this bilge came from) think would appeal to the “simple” minded sentiments of Ballymun’s people. However, when I went up to see what people in Ballymun had to say about the issue last Thursday, I found their opinions were their own, and were far more economically literate than Philly’s post.

You can read the rest of it here for a chuckle at the low standard of present government astroturfed propaganda.

The Far Right have their claws in this says Philly.


A version of the same attack was then taken up by Caroline Conroy, the Lord Mayor of Dublin, and a former resident of Ballymun who now lives in Glasnevin, and broadcast across many media outlets.

We  soon learned of an official initiative to consult with local organisations in an effort to find local voices who would support the government position. “Local heroes” is what they term this PR campaign and it produced a statement which was signed mainly by a host of government-funded activity groups, and a bunch of councillors. Again this repeats the same ad hominem personal attacks on the protestors, their morality, their motives etc.  

Indeed if we look at the concerted PR campaign we find that some sort of creatures called “The Far-Right” are to blame. These are people who act only on instinct, apparently. They have no conscience or capacity to think- even though they are evil incarnate and constantly hatch despicable plans. Framing anyone who opposes establishment policy thus is the trademark strategy of both leftists and corporate-state central planners.   

However, it looks like the people are no longer cowed by such transparent smear campaigns.

In the case of Ballymun, what we are seeing is a concerted tactic from the establishment to smear local people who voice any concern about how this is being imposed on them, how it is not being distributed to the more affluent areas of Dublin, and how they are not consulted.

Of course, if these concerns came from the elites of Ireland, everybody would listen to them. As a matter of fact, if you lived in Donnybrook and you had the same objections you would be in court arguing your objections the next morning and the courts would likely find in your favour.

So the new tactic by the elites of Ireland is not only to create this smear campaign nationally across the main stream media, but also to find individuals in local organisations to amplify this message in an attempt to ostracise and outcast people within those communities who voice dissent.

I find it particularly pernicious that the local GAA club Setanta went so far as to rebroadcast this message, because Setanta (a source within Setanta has told me) never polled the membership of their club about this. They don’t know what the opinions of their own club members are, and are quite clearly not speaking on behalf of everyone in their club. What is abundantly clear is that someone, who has control of their PR page decided to represent – or in some cases misrepresent – their members.

Not only do they misrepresent them with Hillary Clinton “basket of deplorable” style rhetoric, but they also misrepresented themselves by claiming that they speak for the membership of the club.

This is the tactic in which the establishment; in particularly the left leaning professional managerial class, try to get their claws, to use the terms of Philly McMahon, into local organisations to try and push their agenda.

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