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The Department’s bizarre response on self-deportation

Last week, I decided to ask Justice Minister Helen McEntee about Irish authorities’ long-standing policy of asking criminals to deport themselves from the country voluntarily, with no exit checks to confirm whether they had left or not. And if you think I’m exaggerating with that description or being facetious, you are sadly mistaken.

As the head of INIS, Ireland’s immigration service, previously told an Oireachtas Committee meeting on camera:

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Andrew Sheahan
22 days ago

She is totally out of her debt, unfortunately I see no real choice for the Irish voter. They are WEF puppets and as a country Ireland will be unrecognisable in ten years. The response to your enquiry shows a level of contempt for the Irish people that’s hard to fathom, but when there are no consequences for your actions, this is invariably the outcome. Critical thinking is dead and victimisation has taken its place.

James Gough
22 days ago

The government show such a level of contempt for its own citizens that I fear they have rigged the next election.

Robert Lucey
21 days ago
Reply to  James Gough

They don’t need to rig it. In my circles, I’m stunned at the number of people who will continue voting for FF / FG as they don’t want SF in power. To clarify, I detest SF myself but it illustrates the point that middle Ireland will continue voting for the current order rather than opting for any alternative.

21 days ago
Reply to  Robert Lucey

Middle Ireland are like Turkeys voting for an early Christmas.
They are naive ,complacent .gullible ,politically innocents and all round braindeads,
They are captured by the Fake News Media and are in denial of the reality and dangers about them,
Their heads are in the sand and their behinds are in the air, to be the first to be ravaged by the coming storm.

Jerry M
21 days ago

Used to believe the calls of traitors etc were hyperbole
Getting harder and harder to argue against this, with this clear dereliction of duty ..

In the light of his recent political statements, would you vote for Conor McGregor if he ran for election?

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